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comics read: Black Widow, Loki

Black Widow #5 - Edmondson, Noto
So this is the third issue in five that ends with Natasha losing the upper hand through a misjudgment or failure to notice something. It's kind of old. How is this Natasha even still alive?

That said, yay, supporting characters! I am immediately intrigued by Tori Raven. I want more of her. And Damon Dran, for those playing along at home, has only 12 Marvel appearances and the last one as in 1983, so he might as well be new. OTOH, we lost our unorthodox monk already, which I'm a little sad about.

Noto's doing something new with the art in this issue, I think - in addition to his rich painting style, he's added linework to most of the pages, and I really like it. See here for example, the first page of the issue and our introduction to Tori Raven. I've been enjoying Noto's colors and shapes, but a lot of the time it's felt a bit... mushy? Whereas here the outlining on Raven's shoe and foot, for example, just really makes thing pop in a way I like.

IDK if I've just warmed up towards this book because I wrote fic for it - it wouldn't be the first time writing fic got me more invested in the canon - but I am enjoying it more, I think. And the art development is enthusing me a lot.

Loki: Agent of Asgard #3 - Ewing, Garbett
If you'd asked me if I'd enjoy an issue featuring random backstories first for Old Loki and second for Sigurd whom I'm never even met and drawing on actual Norse mythology, I'd have made a face. And yet I am learning to trust in Ewing, because this is really fun. Loki's method of stealing the blood gold from Advari the Dwarf is, shall we say, very Whedon-like.

And I maintain that Sigurd is hot like burning. I tried and failed to read a random X-Men/Journey into Mystery crossover that was apparently Loki's last significant encounter with Sigurd; I just couldn't follow the action and didn't know nearly enough of the characters. However, I remain really excited to see Sigurd show up in this book next issue!

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Apr. 15th, 2014 11:15 pm (UTC)
I am loving AoA so far. "I shot a fish with a bazooka"! Doing clever and interesting things with Norse mythology and how it interacts with the Marvel mythos!

The Journey into Mystery/New Mutants crossover is Sigurd only appearance prior to this, iirc.
Apr. 16th, 2014 04:17 am (UTC)
Excellent, that means I won't have a lot of backstory to worry about. :)
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