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Dear Summergen Author

Hello, Summergen Author! I am so excited that this fest is still going strong, and I am thrilled that you're going to write something for me. I've got some likes and dislikes below, as well as some expansion on one of the prompts, but I am really most interested in the story you want to write. So, feel free to take any of my prompts and run with it in any direction your heart desires.

General likes: Fairy tale AUs (selkies! dryads! etc), alpha/beta/omega dynamics, mpreg, soul bonds, generally CRACK OF ALL KINDS. Unexpected moments of grace. Five things fics. Sympathetic characters doing morally ambiguous things for possibly-good reasons. Characters struggling with their belief in something greater. Canon divergence AUs - I LOVE AUs that twist some moment in canon and spin the story out from there.

General dislikes: Bunker fic, fic related to S9, fic featuring Crowley or Gabriel, hell fic, deathfic, first-person point of view. Injury to eyes, hands, or teeth.

Casefic ideas: I always have trouble coming up with knowing how to start, so in case you are the same but want to tackle the casefic prompt, here are things I often like in casefics (and other fics). Note that I wouldn't expect to see all of these in the same fic!
* a sense of wonder/reality beyond we see (less the tacky siren in "Sex and Violence," more "Faith," "Bedtime Stories"), situations where the hunters can't just dismiss what they see with iron rounds and a quip
* ambiguous monsters, or monsters that defy easy moral categories
* alternatively, monsters that are totally evil and also genuinely dangerous/creepy/scary
* horror
* sadness/bittersweetness
* strong sense of place. any place!
* weather that provides atmosphere. Blizzard, endless rain, summer thunderstorm, you name it.

Jo acquires wings, much to her disgust. Castiel helps her cope.

Adventures involving Sam, Dean, and Genevieve Padalecki from 6.15. Maybe they're stuck in the French Mistake 'verse longer and she helps them, or maybe she gets thrown into the SPN 'verse with them and they keep her alive until they figure out a way to send her back. I really liked her in the episode, so please no bashing! You can also throw Misha into the shenanigans if you like.

Instead of Dean, it's Jo who sells her soul to save a family member.

Endverse fic involving at least two canon characters whom we didn’t see in the episode (although characters we did see are also welcome to be involved!).

Something about the Novaks and being Castiel's vessel. Can be about Claire or Jimmy or both, can be anytime in canon, can have Castiel appear in the fic or just be a lingering presence off-screen. Canon divergence AUs, where something in canon went different, are very welcome!

A casefic or mission involving any 2-3 of the following: Sam or Dean, Jo, Anna, Amelia Richardson, Tamara (from 3.01), Rufus, Krissy Chambers, Victor Henriksen, Claire Novak, Jimmy Novak, Meg, Jess, Charlie Bradbury, Pamela Barnes, Tessa the Reaper, Kate the werewolf (from 8.04), Kevin Tran, Gwen Campbell, Ellie (from 8.14).

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Jun. 17th, 2014 04:28 pm (UTC)
My god, I want #2 very very badly. XP Well, truth be told, I would read all of these, and then read them again. BUT 6X15! Her alpaca! The otter benefit dinner! Gen!
Jun. 17th, 2014 04:46 pm (UTC)
Wouldn't it be so amazing? I ALWAYS want more French Mistake fic of all kinds. And GEN.
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