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hockey things

* My favorite part of yesterday's game was probably the bit where Flower took flight in order to glove a puck. Just look at that third image. HOPPY GOALIE.

* The bit where Geno made a one-touch "pass" off his skate was pretty incredible, too.

* Very pleased with the Klinkhammer trade. He has solid possession numbers, sample size of one game says he draws penalties, his cap hit is miniscule, and hey, we got him for free the price of one Philip Samuelsson! Also, most important: NOT INJURED.

* I'm sure I would find the Andrew Shaw vs James Neal incident below just as funny even without my Jame Neal grudge. Almost just as funny. (It's Shaw shoving his legs over after the check is already finished that makes it.)

* Now this is media management: Sens coach Paul MacLean was asked how his lines will look today. Deadpan, he said, "We'll have 12 forwards and use them in groups of three." (x)

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Dec. 8th, 2014 07:28 pm (UTC)
Why the Neal grudge? I am intrigued. Pens fandom seems to mourn him still.
Dec. 8th, 2014 07:37 pm (UTC)
He just seems to have been not a very nice guy. He made several really ugly hits that earned him significant suspensions, and off-ice there are a lot of stories about him being overtly rude to reporters, arena employees, etc. Some people theorize that he was traded partly because of having a poor influence in the locker room, although that is strictly theory, and seems to be somewhat contradicted by the fact that Sid and Geno, at least, were both good friends with him.

But basically: dirty player, rude.

This is also why I can't deal with the second largest Pens ship, alas, because it's Neal/Martin.
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