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Anya final stand, S7

a bunch of exchanges happening

- 100 Word Flash, a multi-fandom drabble exchange, has noms/signups closing EARLY tomorrow! Very low word commitment! I have enjoyed the heck out of every drabble exchange I've ever done. Come join us!

- Marvel Femslash Ex is running its second round, with noms closing the 15th and signups closing the 21st. I don't have time for this one this year, but I really enjoyed it last year!

- [community profile] littleblackdressex is an exchange where you nom your favorite characters that you ship with (almost) everybody, and your creator makes you a gift featuring that character in a ship of their choice. You can DNW a handful of ships. I would 100% do this one if I didn't feel so snowed under right now. Noms close May 15th.

- [community profile] multifandomhorrorexchange has noms through May 14th, with signups to follow. You match on fandom, character/ship, and one or more of the horror genre types. This sounds super cool, and I look forward to reading the results.

- Finally, [community profile] justmarriedexchange is running their second round, with noms closing the 12th. Despite me not doing exchanges rn (the drabble one doesn't count! drabbles don't count), I'm suddenly really tempted by this one. IDK.

Everything is happening a lot, is what I'm saying. Crossposted from Dreamwidth. Comments welcome over there. (comment count unavailable DW replies)
Anya final stand, S7

MCU recs 20

Is it still Thursday? Oh, well. A little belatedly, here are some MCU recs.

ART: Winter Soldier painting series, here, here, here, here, and here, by [twitter.com profile] chantal_art. SFW, gorgeous. Love the lighting and the details. (The other two in the series were of Bucky as himself, which was why I didn't include them.)

Birbs by [archiveofourown.org profile] daroos
Sam & Bucky, 9k. Sam can talk to birds, and the birds are telling him there's a weird dirty long-haired guy hiding in Sam's auntie's shed. This post-TWS fic is just fun, with a great thread of humor running through it.

Apitic Gray and Stoner Blue by [archiveofourown.org profile] Sholio
Peter Quill & his grandfather, 3k. Post-Endgame, Peter finally goes to visit his grandfather (and then somehow Nebula's there, too). This is just a really lovely fic about grieving while painting a barn and also features Nebula in overalls and a straw hat, which means you absolutely can't miss it.

Protection Racket by [archiveofourown.org profile] chase_acow
Sam/Bucky, background Steve/Bucky, 4k. Bucky decides the way he needs to repay Sam and Steve for their protection is with his body. It's such a tough situation for everyone, Bucky with his perspective so warped by HYDRA, Sam and Steve trying to do their best for him (at great cost to themselves!) and trying to weigh whether that also means sleeping with Bucky on a transactional basis, to make him feel better. I liked how that central conflict didn't really resolve and yet things didn't feel static, either. Very interesting psychology in this one.

Karma by [archiveofourown.org profile] LearnedFoot
Tony Stark & Dum-E, 2k. Tony is a ghost, or something like it, and he's stuck in Dum-E. Cracky yet poignant.

Nostalgic by [archiveofourown.org profile] thedevilchicken
Valkyrie/Hela, 1k. Val thinks back on the time Hela had Valkyrie eat her out on the throne of Asgard. This is short but packs a hell of a punch, with a great last line.

Drabbles by [archiveofourown.org profile] DoreyG
Too many pairings to list, 1.7k. Seventeen separate drabbles with seventeen different pairings, with a full range of categories (m/m, f/f, etc) and pairing dynamics, from all over the MCU. I think the Scott Lang/Jimmy Woo drabble might be my favorite, but it's a close call. A delicious drabble sampler.

here in the body truth grows palpable by [archiveofourown.org profile] seinmit
Steve/Bucky, 8k. Steve's pregnant, and they're in Wakanda, just trying to figure out how to make a life together. A really lovely and emotionally rich series of moments.

Relics by [archiveofourown.org profile] Unforgotten
Heimdall/Valkyrie, 2k. Heimdall, the last of old Asgard's omegas, goes into heat; fortunately Asgard's last alpha is around to help. I love this sense of age that they both have, that they remember an Asgard before the golden Asgard that burned, with different customs (and biology), and I love Valkyrie's pragmatic kindness. Crossposted from Dreamwidth. Comments welcome over there. (comment count unavailable DW replies)
Anya final stand, S7

fic: Hey There, Mr. Bluebird (Carol/Yon-Rogg)

I posted another fic! OUTSIDE any exchanges! Did you know they let you do that? Seems fake.

I've had this mostly written for at least eight months, and by mostly written I mean all I added last night was two lines at the end and some expansion on the sexy bits, for about 200 words total. IDK why it's taken me this long to do that last little bit, but brains, you know? Anyway, I wrote this because obviously blood is a Thing with Carol and Yon-Rogg, and of course he'd want to eat her out while she's bleeding. :')

Hey There, Mr. Bluebird (3106 words) by Snickfic
Fandom: Captain Marvel (2019)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Carol Danvers/Yon-Rogg
Characters: Carol Danvers, Yon-Rogg (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Menstrual Sex, Menstruation Kink, Semi-Public Sex, Cunnilingus, Post-Captain Marvel (2019)

“I told you about this. It’s an Earth thing? Once a month, with the blood?” Carol'd never had a period when she was with Starforce; something about the Kree diet or the vitamins that maybe weren’t vitamins or who the hell knew why. Now she got them again, though, which probably she should have been grateful for. Meant all her internal processes still worked, even after the power-up.

Except, you know, for how her periods were blue now, like she was an ad on TV. Yeah, not used to that yet.

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Anya final stand, S7

various Oasis things

1. I found that someone is working on an enormous and painstakingly detailed timeline of Oasis's entire history. BLESS YOU, RANDOM FAN for your service to fanficcers everywhere.


2. Noel released a new/old Oasis demo this week, apparently the result of him getting bored during quarantine and cleaning out his closet. It's fine? My favorite Oasis stuff is all a) big and loud and b) sung by Liam, so the Noel-sung mostly-acoustic demos (which is basically all the demos) never do much for me.

However, Liam predictably has had some public feelings about the release, and now this is his pinned tweet:

Zero. Chill.


3. Liam has also been getting bored during quarantine, and this has resulted in... wizard cosplay??

It turns out the hat is a prop from their 1998 music video for "All Around the World," which Liam apparently just had sitting around his house?

And then, within hours, there was fanart:

4. Some context: There's a call/response routine that regularly features on Liam's twitter where someone tweets an old photo of him with the text "Fit" and he replies "as fuck." (Fit = hot.) This happens 2-3 times a week.

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Anya final stand, S7

things I have written

The last of my recent exchanges revealed, so now I can talk about what I've been writing lately!

Captain Marvel: a simple separate person, Carol/Yon-Rogg, 4k. Written for Smut4Smut for the prompt "forced to have sex to stay undercover." I'm not quite sure this worked, and I'm always a little nervous that my post-canon dynamic between these two isn't sharp-edged enough, but I did get to indulge myself in some mild xeno along the way, so that was fun.

The Lighthouse (2019): she sells seashells, Ephraim Winslow/mermaid, 2k. Oviposition fic written for Unusual Bearings. For the first time ever, I could have written ANY of my recip's five requests, including The Terror and Oasis. I started out thinking I was going to write Goodsir pregnant with a baby Tuunbaq for The Terror, but the story kept fighting me. So instead: Ephraim Winslow getting lured to the shore by a siren. This story came to me fully-formed and was really easy to write, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Probably my favorite exchange fic I've written for an assignment since at least AUex in August. It should probably tell me something that my assignment fics are so often my least favorite, but if I don't sign up then I don't get gifts...

Original Work: vigil, male human/pregnant male elf, 2k. Written for the bonkers third round of the generally bonkers exchange We Die Lie Fen. Worldbuilding heavily borrowed from JRR Tolkein, but "Elvish men only get pregnant when their people are in need of a hero" is obviously my own addition. I wanted to write some melancholy mpreg with feels and belly touching, and I like the vibe, but the fic ended up with way talkier than I intended. Not my best work.


And now I am free of exchanges! I have one more fic that I started for WDLF and still want to finish, but now that it has no deadline, I may not get to it for a while. I definitely am not signing up for any more exchanges for a while. I know I always say this, but at the moment I am exhausted by the very idea of even signing up, which is usually my favorite part and the most addictive aspect of the whole exchange cycle.

What I do want to do is address a couple of MCU WIPs and also: write more Oasis fic!!! I have a bunch of ideas, including sequels to both my previous projects, and I've mainlined so much canon and even lured in a couple of new friends. :))) So: getting some Oasis words down is my goal for the next while, along with maybe trying to read a book again. Crossposted from Dreamwidth. Comments welcome over there. (comment count unavailable DW replies)
Anya final stand, S7

Thursday recs: fics for meeeeee

My "to rec" tag is a real hodge podge right now, and also I've worked hard today and have yet to finish reading and commenting on all the recently-revealed exchange fic I want to, sooooo today I am cheating and reccing things people have given TO ME in the past two weeks. :3

at the breath of darkness by [archiveofourown.org profile] saiditallbefore
Jane/Valkyrie, Sunless Sea fusion, 1k. This is a delightful romp in which Jane is a hapless scientist-captain and Valkyrie is her mysterious gunnery officer who always wears a sword for some reason. Hot and with great use of Sunless Sea backdrop for flavor. From We Die Like Fen.

Cookie Clicker
Cookies Aren't a Sometimes Food by [archiveofourown.org profile] tuesday
OMC/OMC stuffing/belly kink porn, 1k. Technically written for/gifted to my obviously very sneaky sock. Look, if there is any canon ever that was crying out for fic written for this kink, it was this one, and the use of worldbuilding is absolutely delightful. Also from WDLF.

Oasis RPF - GUYS. Last year at this time this fandom had ZERO exchange presence, and in the past two weeks I have received THREE fics, by three different authors. I am so happy. ;___; And there's another one in the Unusual Bearings collection that wasn't even gifted to me!

You're Twisting My Melon, Man by [archiveofourown.org profile] darkrosaleen
Liam/Noel, 1k. Weed with h/c and first-time incest sex. An excellent set of tags on this one. This was my smut4smut fic!

Turn My Face to the Wall by ~anon (look if this isn't who I think it is I will be VERY surprised)
Liam/Noel, 4k. A while after the breakup, Noel turns up pregnant, and then Liam turns up on his doorstep. Hot and funny and intimate, with sneaky bits of sweetness. Also pregnant sex. :3 From Unusual Bearings.

you and I are going to live forever by [archiveofourown.org profile] StripySock
Liam/Noel, 2k. Cocaine and messy character dynamics and a first-time kiss. I apparently lured StripySock into the fandom by the power of my signup, which seems only fair, since that's how I got here, too. I am delighted by this development and also by this fic, which has a great narrative voice. From WDLF. Crossposted from Dreamwidth. Comments welcome over there. (comment count unavailable DW replies)
Anya final stand, S7

Thursday recs: NSFW fanart

A short recs post today. The Smut 4 Smut works revealed a few days ago, and I bring you two incredibly gorgeous pieces, both very nsfw.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Welcomed, Aang/Katara/Zuko. I LOVE THIS. LOOK AT IT. I've always had trouble shipping anyone in this show because they all look like little kids, but guess what, they have grown the hell up for this art piece. I love everything about it - the poses, the kissing, Aang's facial hair. Damn.

Atomic Blonde: Doigt Dansant, Delphine/Lorraine, lingerie and fingerfucking. Really like the soft colors here and the various bits of lingerie are great. Another one with lots of up-close intimacy in it.

If you love these pieces as much as I do, be sure to tell the artists!!

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Anya final stand, S7

fannish happenings

In case you haven't, be sure to check out last week's Thursday recs post, where lots of people recced cool-looking things in a wide variety of fandoms. :)

I've been busy with writing and exchanges recently. Smut4Smut went live on Saturday, and I have a fic in that. I'm still working on leaving my final comments on the collection. Also, someone gave me Oasis fic. 🥰

Unusual Bearings fics are due to go live on Friday, and I have a fic there also. And finally I have a fic that's almost done and will be posted to the latest round of We Die Like Fen, deadline tbd, because it's that kind of exchange.

I'm telling myself that's it for exchanges. I have an Oasis fic I've been daydreaming FOR MONTHS that I'd really like to actually write (...not least because I've already commissioned art for it). It seems like every time I have an exchange-free period I stop writing at all, but maybe my art will motivate me!!

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Anya final stand, S7

horror movies with romance

Someone wanted recs for horror with romance, and I had a bunch of recs typed up before I realized they specifically wanted books, and all my recs were movies. I liked the recs I'd written too much to just delete them, so I'm posting them here.


The Little Stranger has something resembling a romance, anyway. It's not a happy relationship, though. (And I've only watched the movie, not read the book.)

Decoys is an absurd low-budget sci-fi horror movie where the aliens have come to Earth and disguised themselves as sorority girls to attract boys to oviposit their eggs into, to save their dying species. Unfortunately they're kind of bad at it and keep accidentally killing the hosts. There is a really adorable romance in the middle of it, complete with tentacle sex and aforementioned oviposition. It also doesn't end happily, but it's super cute!

Society is a late 80s cult horror classic with body horror, enthusiastic parent-child incest, a secret ~superior subspecies of humanity (maybe?), and also a cute romance between Billy Warlock and a member of the subspecies, who among other things offers to pee in his tea, like any thoughtful host. This one does end happily. It's very easy to ship them in an OT3 with Billy Warlock's BFF, who is clearly pining for his bro.

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