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Media Consumed

Pulp Fiction (1994). NGL, 80% of the reason I finally watched this was because I was trying to decide whether or not to splurge for this Captain Marvel t-shirt. Anyway, I... don't regret seeing it? The ratio of Travolta to Samuel L. Jackson was a lot higher than I expected or wanted, but we survived. I appreciated how it was in no hurry to get to wherever it was getting to next. I think I liked the bookending SLJ+Travolta story the best. (Tim Roth!) The back half of the Bruce Willis storyline was also A Trip.

Snatch (2000). I was sick and in the mood to watch awful men do awful things in a purportedly entertaining way, I guess, because I watched this next. It was a bad life choice. I did enjoy Brad Pitt a lot in it, and Benicio del Toro for the brief time he was on screen, and I enjoyed how since it was set in London, the acquisition of even a single handgun was a major preoccupation for several different major characters. But overall it was bad.

Gone Home. Three years after I bought this, I finally finished it! I enjoyed the general "spooky house in the 90s" vibe a lot, and the canon f/f romance was very sweet. OTOH the game turned out to have a LOT less to do with conspiracy theories and a weird old uncle than I expected from the first hour or so of gameplay, and I still want to play the game that I thought it was going to be.

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FIC: Marvel Femslash by me!

I wrote two fics for the Marvel Femslash exchange, and I am excited to finally get to talk about them! I have some recs coming too, but I think I'm going to bundle them all together for Reccing Thursday.

First, my assignment, which I am really freaking proud of. I set out to write one scene of Minn-Erva/Nebula sparring that leads to sex, and then it kept growing to something much more ambitious than I intended to write. It's got porn! An emotional arc! A big late-game reveal! I've been feeling uncertain about my ability to write long things that aren't RPF, and then this fic just kind of... happened. I'm really grateful for [personal profile] lucymonster, whose requests were like my dream assignment and gave me free rein to write as much messy angst as my heart desired.

The Good of All Kree (6604 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Captain Marvel (2019), Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Minn-Erva/Nebula
Characters: Minn-Erva (Marvel), Nebula (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Pre-Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Angst, First Time, Fighting As Foreplay, Rough Sex, Painful Orgasm, (Past) Non-Consensual Body Modification, Past Minn-Erva/Proxima Midnight, Vaginal Fingering, Disillusionment, Hopeful Ending, Minn-Erva Lives

When Thanos and Ronan and Sanctuary itself get to be too much, Minn-Erva retreats to the training room in the ship's bowels. The thing is, Nebula's always there, too.

And this was a treat! I really wanted to write, like, four treats, but it didn't quite happen. Anyway, this is a different take on Valkyrie than I've tried before, leaning more into the humor of her character. I think it worked? I also got to write the Grandmaster again, and he is just really fun. :D
Three Objectives (2041 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies), Thor (Movies)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Brunnhilde | Valkyrie/Gamora (Marvel)
Characters: Brunnhilde | Valkyrie (Marvel), Gamora (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Pre-Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Cunnilingus, Sakaar (Marvel)

“You know what I like best after a good brawl?”

“What?” Gamora said, her voice flat with disinterest.

“Guess.” 142 raised her eyebrows, and then she gave Gamora a looking-over, in case the eyebrows failed to properly communicate her intentions.

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Thursday recs: Lord of the Rings

Somehow I have not one but two?? Legolas/Gimli fic recs in the queue, even though I would say I never read this fandom.

A Road Bright and Swift by [archiveofourown.org profile] Dorinda
16k. This is post-canon getting-together with a near-drowning in the middle and Legolas being entirely unprepared to deal with his feelings, and it is so gorgeously written, oh my gosh. Just all these beautiful moments being described, one after the other.

Knowledge and Light by [archiveofourown.org profile] Flamebyrd
30k. College AU, of a sort. Per the author: The university in this story is heavily inspired by Oxford, but not entirely accurate to it (now or in the past). The setting is similarly heavily inspired by 1930s England, but not entirely accurate to it. The world is heavily inspired by Tolkien's Middle-Earth, but... you get the picture. I'm super not into mundane modern-day college AUs, but it turns out I feel very differently when everyone retains their race from canon, and there's little worldbuilding tidbits like Legolas trying to coax Thranduil into installing a telephone in the Greenwood. I just enjoyed the whole world immensely, as well as all the clever transpositions of Tolkein's events and character beats.

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FIC: Black Panther and Person of Interest

So in addition to reading a bunch of fics for We Die Like Fen, I also wrote a couple of things as treats.

Black Panther: The Way Forward, Nakia/T'Challa/Erik, 1k. Post-movie, T'Challa, Nakia, and Erik in negotiations for a political marriage. I had never thought of this ship before in my life until I ran across it in the requests, and honestly I don't know WHY I didn't think of it? I've always had a little trouble with shipping T'Challa/Erik because they just seem like sort of a fundamentally unstable dynamic to me, but somehow adding Nakia to the mix changes everything for me. Anyway, this fic needs like 10-20k and I only had time to write 1k. More could be coming at some point? tbd.

Person of Interest: The Most of It, Reese/Finch, 900 words. LOL have I mentioned I have a kink sock? Here it is. I wrote this silly, shameless oviposition/belly kink porn in 40 minutes, for the first and possibly last PoI fic of my career. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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MCU Recs Post #9

Edit: If you tried clicking on some of these and didn't get anywhere, try again. For some reason when I pasted the links, random blank spaces got inserted into the addresses? Who even knows.

Moar MCU recs for Reccing Thursday! It's just been a very busy couple of weeks on the MCU fic-reading front. And next week might also be MCU themed, because the Marvel Femslash collection is opening this weekend. <3__<3

This time I've got some art, some femslash, some Valkyrie, some Carol Danvers, some Bucky, and other assorted oddments.

assorted recsCollapse )

IW/Endgame fic recsCollapse )

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Reccing Thursday

It's Thursday again! Here are some recs. This week's theme appears to be "age difference het."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Even the Deepest Scars by [archiveofourown.org profile] cookiegirl
Wishverse Buffy/Giles, 16k. In an altered Wishverse, Buffy survives and Giles has the chance to get to know the Slayer who was once supposed to be his. But showing Buffy that she doesn't need to be alone isn't easy. This is kind of more pre-het, but it's great to see a fic that really digs into the person Buffy has become in the Wishverse and how she got there, and her and Giles's respective relationships with the Watchers is also really interesting.

The Hunger Games
To the Victor, the Spoil by [archiveofourown.org profile] annakovsky
Katniss/Haymitch, 13k. No berries, no mockingjay, no rebellion. Katniss killed Peeta in the arena, and now she has to live with herself like every other victor. This "us against a crapsack world" stuff is absolutely MY JAM. Features, among other things, Katniss having sex with Haymitch so her first time with someone she can choose, before she gets lent out to every rich pervert in the capital. Good angsty feels.

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Ongoing horror watch list

A few months ago I made a big list of horror I had consumed, and I decided I'd like to keep a list going as I continue to watch more. I don't really want to add to that old list, though, so I'm making this new one, with links to my reviews as I go on.

Stuff I've loved:
A Dark Song (2016)
The Conjuring (2013) (also the sequel, although that one wasn't as good)

Stuff I have tried and not loved, but found interesting:
The Little Stranger (2018)
Hereditary (2018)
The Devil's Backbone (2001)

Stuff I did not like but at least finished:
As Above, So Below (2014)
Doom (2005)
Malevolent (2018)
Insidious (2010)

Stuff I tried and gave up on:

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MCU recs post #8

Thursdays are for reccing! Most weeks I'm planning on reccing random fics that don't really group nicely with anything else, but I've been due an MCU recs post for quite a while, so that's what we're doing today. Apparently I am reading fic in specific eras right now, so these are grouped mostly by movie rather than by ship or whatever.


Iron Man moviesCollapse )

Post-TWSCollapse )

GotG eraCollapse )

Post-RagnarokCollapse )

Captain MarvelCollapse )

Post-EndgameCollapse )

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Movies! mostly horror

This weekend I discovered Old Town Road - the remix, with Billy Ray Cyrus - and have been listening to it on loop. It is super catchy.

Anyway, movies! Somehow it's been a VERY movie-heavy week or two. Not sure how that happened. Mostly horror, which has been fun.

Colossal (2016). Anne Hathaway stars as a drunk who goes back to her hometown in vague hope of turning her life around, and then realizes that if she stands in the old playground at 8:05am, she controls the actions of a giant monster wreaking havoc in Seoul. And then the movie goes on from there. Is this a story about how actions have consequences? About escaping abusive relationships? I have no fucking idea. This was not a good movie, but it was probably worth the hour and a half or whatever I spent on it just for sheer wtf value.

Sorry to Bother You (2018). Anti-capitalist satire featuring Tessa Thompson and Armie Hammer, among others. This was a wild ride. I don't know that I enjoyed it, I think partly because I just don't tend to enjoy satire as a genre, but I will probably not forget it for a while. The lead, Lakeith Stanfield, was very good, Thompson was fun, and Hammer appeared to be having an absolute ball.

Malevolent (2018). In 1980s Scotland, a pair of siblings scam people by pretending to cleanse their houses of ghosts, and then of course they encounter a real haunted house. I was expecting something along the lines of The Frighteners but maybe meaner. Instead I got this quite angsty movie co-starring an extremely obnoxious character that I wanted to drop down a well, and then in the last third it switches over from supernatural horror to gory serial killer horror. No thanks. Also IDK why it was set in the 80s; it didn't even do anything with the aesthetic.

The Devil's Backbone (2001). Written and directed by Guillermo del Toro, set during the Spanish civil war when a young boy is dropped off at an orphanage that he discovers is haunted. As with Pan's Labyrinth, the evil in this movie is all human. I think I liked it? I didn't come away with strong feelings either way. The child actor that stars is really incredible in it, though.

The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2. A married ghost hunter couple helps families struggling with infestations of ghosts or demons or what have you. These are honestly the most human and emotionally warmest horror movies I have ever seen. Everyone is a real person, everyone's trying their best, and the movies take the time to carefully develop all these relationships between them. I just LIKE everyone - which makes a person get even more invested in them being okay. As a friend told me tonight, these are uplifting demon possession stories for the whole family. The actors are all great, too.

I will say that I liked the first one better than the second one, probably mostly just for plot elegance. A family moves into a house, it's haunted. That's the plot. The second one gets a little too fancy, first of all, and secondly just leaves a lot of questions. For example, spoilersCollapse )

However, my most important observation of all is this: AT NO POINT IN EITHER MOVIE DID ANYONE CONJURE ANYTHING. WTF.

The same director also made Insidious, which stars the same actor as these, Patrick Wilson, and it's streaming on Netflix, so I will probably check it out in the next couple of weeks.

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MCU movies, ranked

Because why not. The exact ordering depends on the day, but the categories are pretty firm. To be clear, this ranked in order of how much I like them, not by any ~objective standard of quality.

listsCollapse )

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exchange doings

I'm making some progress on my Marvel Femslash assignment, and I have some words for the MCU exchange, but I think it's likely those will get discarded. I just got that assignment, though, so I have lots of time to go.

I signed up for [community profile] justmarried, the marriage tropes exchange, because I love arranged marriage AND ALSO I realized there were mpreg tags I could request. 😂 That means I'm going to have overlapping exchanges, but I'm feeling more chill about them than I was earlier in the year, so yay.

In less than a month I plan to open nominations for my cosmic MCU rare ships exchange, which will probably be called MCU Space Ships, because how could I not?

I'm thinking about maybe doing AUex, the AU exchange; tbd. I wouldn't say I'm into AUs as such, but I can enjoy a lot of AUs with canon elements, and I love canon divergence AUs. It'll depend on finding two more fandoms besides the MCU that I'm confident I want to request/receive, although on the requesting end I suppose I can just keep requesting my Unusual Bearings requests with mpreg freeforms. XD

Later on, I definitely want to do Trick or Treat. I'm considering skipping Yuletide this year for the first time in a while, and maybe writing a treat or two if I feel so inclined. Or maybe I'll feel a lot more excited about rare fandoms in a couple of months; it's hard to say. But if I don't do Yuletide, I could do Multifandom Tropefest, which I've been eyeing for a while, or maybe some spooky Halloween-y type fest, since I've been thinking I'd like to try my hand at some horror.

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Dear Just Married Author

I went from "eh, I'm not up for another exchange" to "YES PLEASE" in the space of like two days, which is to say I'm unexpectedly very excited about [community profile] justmarried and really looking forward to what you write for me. <3

General likes/dislikesCollapse )

MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.Collapse )


MCUCollapse )

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Reccing Thursday!

ICYMI, Reccing Thursday is a new initiative some other folks and I are trying out. Your mission, if you choose to accept it: today, here or elsewhere on your social media, rec a fanwork or two. A new discovery? An old favorite? Anything goes! And if you're up for it, maybe mention you're doing it for Reccing Thursday.

I was really excited by how many people participated last week! I think I'm going to start using it to rec random things in fandoms I otherwise don't read in much, hence this Star Wars rec.

a long horizon by [archiveofourown.org profile] dirty_diana
Star Wars: Sequel Trilogy, Rey/Kylo Ren. Post-TLJ, Kylo Ren deliberately gets himself captured by the Rebellion after realizing he's pregnant by the Force. This was a late Unusual Bearings entry that missed my UB recs list, but omg it is so much of what I have been pining for from this premise. Impossible, canon-supported Force conception! Kylo going to the Rebellion for help! Kylo being entirely frank about his feelings for Rey and antagonistic and bitter to everyone else! It's an interesting visit into Kylo's head, too, which... is not as coherent a place as he's convinced it is. I enjoyed it a lot, and more people should read it and love it. ;__;

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MCU recs post #7 - non-fic recs

This is a post full of Marvel recs for stuff other than fic! Please enjoy. :)

Avengers: Endgame ensemble by [twitter.com profile] RDJlock - SFW, a little bit spoilery. Really love the style of these. <3

Thor on the cliff in Norway, in a sweater by [twitter.com profile] CrazyTom666 - SFW

The Dance by [tumblr.com profile] giadin-a
Steve/Peggy for Mermay, SFW. Just incredibly sweet, with fish-tails.

Everybody Want to Rule the World by VilyaXxX0llwyna (YouTube)
CA:TWS, Steve/Bucky. This vid is FULL OF FEELINGS.

Wicked Ones by piratesandsuperheros (YouTube)
Women of Marvel compilation vid, full of action and great editing. I only wish it were longer. ;_;

Come With Me Now by [archiveofourown.org profile] mithborien
Thor/Heimdall. I love this ship, and I love this vidder, and I loved all the footage of them fighting together and separate over the course of the movies.

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FIC: holiday snaps (Bucky/Nat)

I'm in this place where I can't seem to start anything worth beans, including my Marvel Femslash assignment, but I can finish things okay. So, here is some moody Bucky/Nat porn I started for that body talk porn battle thing ages ago. It's crammed full of Bucky's issues. :D

holiday snaps - 1400 words, Explicit.
“Did we do this before?” Bucky asks.

Romanov’s in his lap, fingers tangled in his hair, mouth hot against his neck; she stills. “You don’t remember?”

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Thursdays are for Reccing

[personal profile] kore and I were saying how sad we were about the slow decline of reccing culture, and then we said, well, let's try and do something about it. What about making Thursdays the day for reccing, the way we have Reading Wednesdays?

So here is our humble suggestion: today, here or elsewhere on your social media, rec a fanwork or two. A new discovery? An old favorite? Anything goes! And if you're up for it, maybe mention you're doing it for Reccing Thursday. Maybe we can make it a thing. :D


On that note, here are two fic recs for The Sting (1973), both by [archiveofourown.org profile] Damkianna, both Henry Gondorff/Johnny Hooker, both with delicious pining (and eventual resolution 👌).
truth deceived - 7k, Teen. FAKE DATING. Henry and Johnny pretend to be lovers to lure in a mark; Henry starts struggling with the "fake" part almost immediately. Very satisfying.

better cheated to the last - 3k, Teen. Henry extricates Johnny from a tough spot by beating him up. Afterwards there's clean-up and touching and did I mention the delicious pining?

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Seasons Changing - Captain Marvel, Carol/Yon-Rogg heat sex, 2k. I wrote this in one sitting and am pretty happy with how it turned out. I hope to write more of this pairing at some point. I've got like 500 words of a soulbonding AU that I'd really like to write more of.

Offsite Assignment - Captain America, Steve/Sharon, werewolf mpreg, 19k. NINETEEN K. This is my Unusual Bearings fic, and ho boy did it get away from me. I went into the exchange expecting to write a lot of words on my assigment and probably not write any treats, and I WAS CORRECT.

I was assigned [personal profile] lucifuge5, whose likes included "WEREWOLVES!!" so I started thinking about which of their many excellent requested pairings I most wanted to write a werewolf AU for. The premise fell in my lap pretty much fully formed: Pregnant werewolf Steve needs someone to keep an eye on him while the rest of the Avengers are on a mission, and they bring Sharon Carter in to do it. Girl Saves Pregnant Boy is like my VERY FAVORITE GENRE, and I so enjoyed getting to play in it - to the extent of 19k in a month, lol. It was a very intense month, and I'm still correcting typos as I glance through the fic again.

I didn't actually ship Steve and Sharon before the fic; I've always liked Steve, but I just sort of had vaguely fond feelings about Sharon because I really enjoy Emily Vancamp. (Blessings to [personal profile] lionessvalenti who DMed me lots of photos of Emily looking hot while I was stuck in the middle of the sex scene.) But I think I probably ship them now?? I love that she's clearly one of SHIELD's top agents, since she's given Steve as an assignment, and as I was writing the fic, I realized just how much she's gone through in the space of two movies: realizing her beloved aunt's life's work is actually a HYDRA tool, losing her dream job, then losing her aunt. And while Steve doesn't have the same longtime associations with SHIELD that she has, he was finding his life's purpose in it for a while. So I really enjoyed thinking about them just kind of mulling over that stuff together.

The SHIELD connection was one of several elements that I introduced in the fic that then ended up being more a point of connection between them and a backdrop for the main action (which tbh was the romance + light plot at the end) rather than a theme on its own. A related element was Sharon's ongoing sense of instability in her new role at the CIA, due to being both from a different security agency and from the security agency that was just recently revealed to be full of the enemy. I... didn't exactly take that anywhere? It's just there, in the background. IDK.

Another background element that I really liked: that Steve is werewolf at all because the serum involved werewolf blood. This means that werewolf things still feel pretty foreign to him, and he has an even stronger sense of displacement than in canon, because he's never really had the time to get used to his new werewolf reality and identity. Poor dude. The fic didn't try to resolve this, really at all; it's definitely something that Steve should deal with down the road.

Meanwhile, we have the foreground element of Steve getting a little tired of the superheroing life and maybe wanting some things that don't fit with the superhero lifestyle very well, at least the way he's lived it up to this point. I liked this theme but don't feel like I totally sold it? Like, there's a Significant Moment at the end involving symbolic tomato plants that I don't think I quite earned. (I got SUPER ATTACHED to those tomato plants, though; there was no way I could just leave that thread hanging.)

Anyway, I got to write a whole bunch about Steve being pensive and pregnant in the countryside and Sharon being competent and determined to make up for that time a sniper shot her boss in Steve's apartment. There's dramatics at the end involving bad guys. There's 2000 words of pregnant sex, which I always want to write in my mpreg fics but somehow almost never have?? I'm really proud of that sex scene, you guys. The fic definitely has flaws that come from writing 19k in a month and then having two days to edit, but overall I'm really happy with it.

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Dear MCU Exchange Creator

Yay, thank you for creating a gift for me! The prospect of saying something about each ship was psyching me out, so I am instead requesting only solo characters and trying to give you lots of prompt and ship options. Happy writing/arting!

Thor, Loki, Heimdall, Pepper Potts, Stephen Strange, Carol Danvers, Minn-ErvaCollapse )

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The Epic Mpreg Recs List

If you have known me in fandom for more than five minutes, you probaby know that I fucking love mpreg. This recs list of 38 fics (and two art pieces) are a selection of my favorites from a decade of reading the trope across many, many millions of words, but they're just a fraction of all that I've enjoyed; check out my recs tag and my mpreg tag for more.

This list is definitely weighted towards the kinds of things I like best about or in conjuction with the trope. I made a list of those things below so you'd know what you're in for. I mostly haven't included warnings for the fics, so please check the tags. I've sorted the fics into categories that seemed to fit; some of the categories are pretty idiosyncratic, as is the sorting. I've also made a lot of personal annotations that may or may not help anyone decide whether or not they want to read the fic. Basically this is a list with an intended audience of me, except I'm the one who made it.

In other words: I had a lot of fun making this recs list, and I hope you find some entertainment while reading it.

Let us beginCollapse )

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one Endgame thought for this evening

spoilerCollapse )

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additional Endgame thoughts

hereCollapse )

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MCU recs post #6 - Captain Marvel

Have some Captain Marvel recs for your Saturday morning (or evening)!

that coltsfoot, breaking pavement by [archiveofourown.org profile] wethethousands
Carol/Minn-Erva, 700 words. Instead of sparring with Yon-Rogg, Vers works through her nightmares by going to the shooting range. I'm so here for this ship, and this is a neat pre-canon moment for them that's just a tidge softer than we see in the movie.

ART: Fury + Goose by [tumblr.com profile] 01091006
Fury + Goose, gen. Just gorgeous.

Trust Exercise by [archiveofourown.org profile] inkvoices
Fury + Goose gen, 1k. Five times (of many) that Fury trusts Goose to show him when someone is an ally (or not). Delightful.

a brighter wound by [archiveofourown.org profile] arbitrarily
Carol/Yon-Rogg, 3k. I'm cautiously interested in this ship but very picky about it; I want him to still be an ass and her to still be better than him, but I want it to be MESSY. I want emotional compromise on both sides. This is the closest I've found to what I want from the ship, although maybe still a little harsh? But the voices are great and it feels very in-character. Also it's hot.

unlikely rescue by anon
Mar-Vell + Goose gen, one-shot. I love this idea of one way Mar-Vell might have met Goose.

Particle of Light by [archiveofourown.org profile] domarzione
Maria gen, 1k. Maria's life does not return to the status quo ante after Carol flies off. Or maybe it does, but the ante before that. Maria, post-movie, finding a new place to be. Some great lines.

flying homeward down your highway by [archiveofourown.org profile] gdgdbaby
Carol/Maria, 1k. Maria's POV of a reunion, mid/post-movie.

move in agile grace like air by [archiveofourown.org profile] gdgdbaby
Carol/Maria, 3k. Reunion sex, yessss. Hot and full of feelings.

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Avengers: Endgame

ThoughtsCollapse )

Note: if you want to comment solely about stuff you hated, please refrain. A comment with a mix of both is cool! I'm just not up to dealing with undiluted negativity right now.

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Unusual Bearings!

The collection is live! I have a fic in there which I will talk about more after author reveals next week. In the meantime I got TWO lovely MCU fics:

Apart - Heimdall/Thor, 1.4k. Really lovely post-Ragnarok fic where Thor (and a bunch of other people) turns up pregnant, and Heimdall assumes it has nothing to do with him. I love the relationship between them, and the Heimdall characterization is A+.

In Good Hands - Bucky/Shuri, 3.5k. AU where HYDRA impregnates the Winter Soldier as an experiment, and he escapes to Wakanda. A lot of really neat tidbits of Winter Soldier/Bucky characterization as Bucky slowly comes back to himself, and the relationship with Shuri s very sweet.

I also have some recs for other things in the collection!
In the Interest of Honesty - MCU, Bucky/Loki, 2k. They're in an arranged marriage for reasons, and Bucky turns up pregnant due to past HYDRA modifications. The voices and dynamic here is really great - quiet and sweet.

The Capitoline Wolf - Percy Jackson, Percy/Nico, 8k. Percy and Nico go on a hunt for Artemis's favorite stuffed animal, and Percy ends up pregnant. I don't even go here, but the narrative voice in this fic was extremely engaging, and the emotional dynamics were satisfying.

Artificial Gravity - original work, f/f a/b/o, 18k. Ash is an alpha with past sexual trauma who gets paired with omega Riley as part of the breeding program to repopulate humanity. This is mind-meltingly hot f/f heat porn set IN SPACE with enough feelings to make me tear up. And then later, once Riley is pregnant, they have to CUDDLE a lot for REASONS. Tropey and hot as hell.

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Going to see Avengers: Endgame tonight, so in the meantime, going to get some thoughts on other recently watched movies out.

The Spy Who Dumped Me. Two clueless American women get involved in European espionage by accident! This was extremely silly, Kate McKinnon's character is extremely gay in it (and also silly), the relationship at the center of it is the women's friendship and how each of them think the other is just the best, the (I guess) obligatory hot dude is very hot. I laughed; probably I would not watch again.

I was confused by the ending because earlier in the movie we see a photo of the Sekrit Bad Guy on someone's phone, and it's meant to be a reveal, but I thought it was a different person than it was, so I spent the last few minutes of the movie waiting for the last heel-turn that never came. Do not watch if you want a sensitive portrayal of any aspect of Europe.

Hereditary. I'm not sure how I feel about this one, which is par for the course with me and horror movies, so at least I'm consistent! spoilersCollapse )

Ant-Man and the Wasp. This was fairly light-hearted for the MCU these days. There was miscommunication and capers. People turned real big and real small for fight scenes. Physics was flouted at every turn. Hope Van Dyne got more to do. And ultimately, I just didn't care? Maybe I was in the wrong mood. I did like it better than Ant-Man, but believe me, that was a low bar to clear. Predictably, I wanted more Ava Starr; it blew my mind they introduced her and her problems and then made her basically a tertiary conflict in the film. The ending suggests to me that they definitely intend to give us more of her in the next film.

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hockey recs #26

FYI I have made all my recs public on Pinboard. Those should go all the way back through most of my time in SPN fandom, although probably there's not much from my Buffy days, since I didn't have a Pinboard then.

The Good Spot by [archiveofourown.org profile] downjune
Murray/Rust, 7k. There's no high concept here, this is kind of just a bi guy and a gay guy working through their respective issues together regarding their sexuality. Honestly this might be my favorite June fic in years, because so much about it hits so close to home. Just feels very real and human to me.

Indelible by [archiveofourown.org profile] downjune
Murray/Rust, 18k. A soulmark AU where Matt is the only gay guy in the locker room, and the only guy who doesn't ever get soulmarks, and sometimes he's grateful for that combo and sometimes not so much. A fic about what happens when intimacy issues run into someone who just loves everyone. Tropey and sexy and full of angsty feels, the downjune recipe. :D

untitled Sid/Geno soulbond AU by [tumblr.com profile] 7iris
Sid/Geno, one-shot. I would like to hear more about your feelings on Sid and Geno's soulbond and how it keeps amplifying their injuries and distance only makes it worse so they have to skip ASW. Angsty but with hope at the end. Delicious.

Okay by [archiveofourown.org profile] getoffmyhead
Sid/Geno, 2k. Post-sweep feels and getting-together. I really like the slow reveal of the history hanging over their heads. A very satisfying read after an unsatisfying postseason.

In Waking Life by [archiveofourown.org profile] sevenfists
Sid/Geno/Anna, 8k. DREAMSHARING. This is beautifully written. I love how walking into and out of someone's dreams is just a thing that happens, and I love how Sid and Anna's shared dreams have that perfect dream-like logic to them. This is a fic about secrets and intimacy and sharing parts of yourself with other people. Just really lovely.

only shooting stars by [archiveofourown.org profile] ghosthunter
Sid/Mat Barzal, 3k. Sid hits on Mat at the all-star game, and Mat just about loses his mind. Love seeing Sid as the pursuer, love Mat's hero-worshipping perspective. Also: hot.

mighta took the long way by [archiveofourown.org profile] silkstocking
Lehtonen/Niemi, 22k. In which Kari and Nemo get married way too young, fall apart, and come back together in Dallas. Lots of delicious repressed angst.

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Some MCU f/f stats

I'm procrastinating HARD on my Unusual Bearings fic right now, so this morning I poked around AO3 and dug up a bunch of stats on the most popular MCU f/f pairings on AO3 (not counting any of the TV shows):

I found the works by going to the pairing tag for each pairing. There's no filtering on them for completeness or word count or anything like that. When you start with the tag and start filtering out, say, all the m/m juggernaut ships, the results change some. Pepper/Nat, the very biggest femslash MCU movie pairing on AO3, was also the hardest hit: when I excluded the juggernaut het and m/m ships from that tag, I only 406 works left, out of 1015. This is because 266 Pepper/Nat tags are also tagged Steve/Tony, 200 are also tagged Clint/Coulson, etc. Turns out Pepper/Nat is so popular partly because it's a classic pair-the-spares background ship. My kingdom for a "primary pairing" category on AO3. :(

It's possible I've left out a few pairings out in the bottom half of the list, because there's no easy way to find out which pairings I need to check the tags for. I started with the f/f category and then started excluding all the m/m ships, reader fics, etc, but if you exclude all the Steve/Tony, for example, you exclude some fics with background Natasha/Pepper. And that isn't a problem for Nat/Pepper, because they're big enough that they'll show up in the top ten sidebar pretty soon anymore, but it did turn out to be a problem for MJ/Shuri, which I almost missed. So there could be a few more pairings like that.

Anyway, it was a fun exercise! Looking at ships like Natasha/Sif, you can kind of see how hungry fandom was for female characters to ship early on in the MCU and how few options there were. We have so much more to choose from now! All the cosmic women, all the Black Panther women... so much more variety, and involving women who've actually exchanged words with one another. (Not that there's anything wrong with shipping characters who haven't met, I say, having written multiple Jane/Gamora fics.) In particular, check out Carol/Maria, 6th on that list despite being out for less than a month!

Okay, I guess I have to go write that fic now. 😩

Update: because I am me, I also made a cool graph!Collapse )

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general fannish update

- [community profile] fancake is doing a bunch of mini-themes this month. The first theme, through tomorrow, is Xeno/Alien Biology, and I have never in my life encountered a rec theme so relevant to my interests. I've clicked on over half the recs by other people, and I've recced a bunch of stuff myself as well. You also should go and rec things! So I can read them! :D :D :D

- The Marvel Femslash Exchange ([community profile] marvelfemslashevents) has signups open right now! I wasn't sure I'd have time for this, but after psyching myself out about Fandom5k and deleting my signup for it, it turns out I have lots of time! I am SO excited about this exchange. The tag set is really something. 😍

- [community profile] mcu_cosmic continues to chug along! I'm so pleased. :))) Here is a roundup of what people have been up to at the comm in the past week. We had posts from SIX DIFFERENT FOLKS (including me), which I am ecstatic about.

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Dear Marvel Femslash Creator

Yay, I am excited to see what you make for me! Yay MCU ladies. <3 I have been stressing myself out without exchanges, so this signup is kind of minimalist (for me).

Requests!Collapse )

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Multifandom Drabble

MFD ran an early round this year! I didn't sign up, but I did write this fic:
Upgrades - Captain Marvel, Carol/Maria, tentacles. :D

I've now read through all the MCU drabbles (and double/triple drabbles, and drabble series), so have some recs!

Care by syrupwit - Mantis & Nebula
i, warrior by humanveil - Valkyrie and her uniform <3
Spark by lionessvalenti - Tony & Nebula
Past is Prologue by dreamkist - Maya Hansen/Pepper/Tony
i know your pieces (i broke them apart) by humanveil - Gamora & Nebula
The Most Important Ship in the Universe by LearnedFoot - Tony & Nebula
I don't think that was the second star to the right by Unforgotten - Thor/Narnia crossover
No Message in a Bottle by Hecate - Gamora & Nebula

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further Captain Marvel notes

I, uh, went to see it a third time? I haven't seen a movie in the theater this many times since my sister was obsessed with The Lion King. This time I was taking friends who hadn't seen it. As one of them said afterwards, "I've never been so successfully marketed to in my life," so I think it was a success. :D

Anyway, I have a few scattered thoughts from this third viewingCollapse )

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Sunday Six meme

(Snagged from [personal profile] kore)

[tumblr.com profile] ao3commentoftheday posted: AO3 Comment of the Day

Six Sentence Sunday is a writing thing where, on Sunday, you post six sentences from an unfinished work. It can be a new fic, a new chapter of a WIP, or even something you’re not sure you’ll ever post. 

Choose an excerpt from any section (and it doesn’t have to be six sentences) and post it, letting people know what it belongs to or indicating that it’s something you’re working on. 

Below are the first few lines of an MCU Bucky/Nat fic (??) I started for the Body Talk porn battle thing before I realized it had a deadline. I find both Bucky and Nat hard to get a read on, so I'm not sure why I thought writing porn of them would be easy, but anyway!!! I have 1100-ish words now.

“Did we do this before?” Bucky asks.

Romanoff’s in his lap, fingers tangled in his hair, mouth hot against his neck; she stills. “You don’t remember?” she says, in that voice full of smoke that’s drawn him from the first time he heard it. Well. The last first time. It pulled him to the training mat again and again to try himself against her. They sparred barefoot, empty-handed. Wordless. But today when they finished—six to her and four to him, though sometimes it was the other way around—she left her hand on his bicep, the one with skin. He’d followed her to her bunk without a word.

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fic recs: Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

I watched this movie a couple of months ago and then went on a fic binge. My heart's desire is lots of Illya angst, so this recs list definitely leans that way.

The Where the Heart Is Affair by [archiveofourown.org profile] arysteia
Illya/Napoleon, 3k. Comfort sex after Illya gets bad news, in a relationship that's been FWB up until now. Quality feelings!

A Literary Manifesto by [archiveofourown.org profile] allthekingsmen
Illya/Napoleon, 7k. Illya through time, via books. Great character study, good angst towards the end, where despite a shared language Illya and Napoleon totally fail to understand each other for a while.

Two Men, Crossing the Street by [archiveofourown.org profile] merle_p
Illya/Napoleon, 8k. The team is security for an exchange of spies, and Napoleon gets some insight into just how disposable KGB spies are.

The End Where We Begin by [archiveofourown.org profile] Ingu
Illya/Napoleon, 22k. Illya kills an American spy in Zurich. Three days later, he’s staring into the face of a dead man standing in his hotel room. I really enjoy the development of their relationship after Napoleon dies, and how all Illya's repressed feelings rise slowly to the surface.

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please prompt me

I would like to try writing some Carol Danvers IN SPACE fic, and I'm having trouble figuring out where to start. I am open to gen prompts or basically any ship from the movie you can think of. (...maybe not Carol/Goose.) All I ask is that it be possible to set the prompt in space, because space is what I am here for.

No guarantee that any actual fic will be produced</i>.

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fannish things on Sat morning

James Gunn is back as director for GotG3! On a shallow level I'm ecstatic because I loved GotG1 and 2 and was really sad that he might not get to complete the trilogy, and on a broader level, the people who got him fired in the first place did so by digging up stuff he'd already apologized for years ago in order to punish him for being anti-Trump on Twitter, and that was SOME BULLSHIT. So my feelings on this are extremely unmixed. (If you disagree, that's cool, but I'm not up for arguing about this one and am not going to engage.)

Speaking of GotG and the cosmic MCU in general, [community profile] mcu_cosmic has been keeping up with all the developments. Here is a roundup of posts on the comm in the past week. If you're even a little bit interested in Captain Marvel or Endgame or Thor or GotG, you should come check us out. :)

In other news, I wrote my first Captain Marvel fic, which will be coming to a Multifandom Drabble collection near you in a couple of weeks. I want to write so many things; maybe this first 100 words will help me find a way in.

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The Terror recs #2

ART: Jopson/Little angsty embrace by [tumblr.com profile] goodsir-is-such-a-good-boy
SFW. I love all this artist's stuff. Lovely colors and textures.

Mile 704 by [archiveofourown.org profile] scioscribe
Crozier/Fitzjames, 2k. Rescue has reached them, but recovery is a slow and halting thing. This is a turning point in their relationship, hence the title, but it is a very quiet one. I really like the perspective of Crozier here, and how his feelings for James have rubbed up against his ethics and won.

So Loves Oblique by [archiveofourown.org profile] PasdeChameau
Fitzjames/Sophia, 2k. James lives, and returns to London. Francis does not. Angsty and up to the hilt in survivor's guilt. Very satisfying fic for a pairing I would never, ever have thought of.

Beyond a Row of Myrtles by [archiveofourown.org profile] disenchanted
Gibson/Irving, 3k. Set in the early days stuck in the pack. There's so much delicious tension here, between Irving and Gibson, between Irving and his morals, and it all feels of a piece with the inexorable pressure of the ice (author's simile, not mine). I love Gibson's extremely pragmatic perspective, which makes him a great contrast with Irving but also with his choice of reading materials, which are mostly Milton and Dante.

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Captain Marvel rewatch

I went to see Captain Marvel a second time today, and it was an excellent life choice. I think I might have enjoyed it more this time, knowing certain reveals, than I did the first time.

various thoughtsCollapse )

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movies watched

Doom (2005) - A silly video game movie that wanted to be Alien. Karl Urban was hot in it, and Rosamund Pike was also extremely attractive. I really liked that the primary character conflict, such as there was, was between a pair of estranged siblings instead of guy + love interest, which was what the movie faked me out to believe in the beginning. Also I ship it.

As Above, So Below (2014) - A found-footage horror movie about a female Indiana Jones type who goes hunting in the Paris Catacombs for the philosopher's stone. I almost turned it off when I realized it was going to be entirely in shaky cam, and I really should have. This is the kind of movie in which Aramaic poetry still rhymes after being translated into English.

The Little Stranger (2018) - This was described to me as "Remains of the Day but more gothic," which sounds about right; maybe with a touch of Hitchcock psychological disturbance. Ruth Wilson is a delight, and Domnhall Gleeson is very effective as the quietly but deeply unlikable protagonist. I really liked how the story resolved, in that it validated my previous feelings about the characters. There's a bit of fridge horror related to spoilersCollapse )

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Captain Marvel - I have seen it!

Unspoilery reaction: I enjoyed it immensely and recommend it to anyone who thinks they might be interested.

spoilersCollapse )

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