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Dear Hockey Holidays Writer

NB: This is a work in progress, and I may or may not throw out most of it. tbd.

Dear author, I’m THRILLED to read whatever you write me for these pairings. I’m going kind of minimalists with the letter/prompts this year, but I hope you find something to inspire you nonetheless. <3

For all these pairings I’m really interested in people finding themselves being maybe more emotionally vulnerable than they meant or feel comfortable with, in the context of these theoretically professional relationships. People finding comfort and connection from unexpected sources is a fav. <3 I also really love angst that’s informed by hockey and whatever’s happening in the season in the time, and I love worldbuilding (like in chemistry AUs) that mirrors on-ice struggles. I love feelings but am not really looking for ~soft~ interpretations of these characters. I am totally down for conflict and angst that leads to a deeper understanding of one another.

Malkin/Murray, Dumoulin/Letang, Fleury/Murray, Kessel/Malkin, Crosby/HallCollapse )

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media consumed

So apparently I'm in this mode where I seriously can barely stand to think about writing or much else except the upcoming election, BUT I'm starving for stories and watching/reading a bunch of things. I have been in this mode for at least a month now. I haven't consumed this many new canons in this short a space in IDEK how long.

- Jane Unlimited, by Kristin Cashore. This is a very structurally creative book about Jane, who is grieving for her underwater photographer aunt and accepts her rich acquaintance's invitation to go live in her island mansion (and takes all her umbrella-making supplies with her). There are five alternate endings, kind of Choose Your Own Adventure-ish, except they're meant to be read in order, and each ending informs the one that comes next. It switches genres wildly, ranging from fairly prosaic art heists on up to alternate universes and gothic horror. I honestly don't know if I *liked* it - I felt like each story kind of got shortchanged for being one of five - but it was very interesting.

- Social Creature, by Tara Isabella Burton. LOL this is ALSO about a poor girl who accepts her rich acquaintance's invitation to come live in her house, except then there's obsession and sex and murder. Basically this is exactly the story I thought A Simple Favor was going to be (but really, really wasn't). It was compelling in a trainwreck sort of way, and I stayed up way too late last night reading it.

- Venom. It feels weird to say this, but there was not nearly enough Eddie/Venom interaction for me. Venom (or the symbiote, whichever) felt like he went from 0 to 60 in terms of attachment to/investment in Eddie. The movie clearly wanted its weird weird alien/human bodysharing romance, but I didn't feel like it did the work to get there. Which was a bummer, because I was SO READY for weird weird bodysharing romance. Apparently a bunch of scenes got cut, which might explain it. Also, while we're complaining, I think what I want most of all from this fandom is Eddie/Symbiote/Annie, and last I checked there were ELEVEN FICS on AO3. ;_;

- The Haunting of Hill House. This is SO FAR REMOVED from the novel I love that I can't even be mad at it. Like, we are not even pretending this is an ~adaptation; it's completely its own thing - and I LOVE that thing. I loved this. It's about five adult siblings struggling with the ongoing emotional trauma of what they experienced in a haunted house two decades prior, intercut with flashbacks to those experiences. The show does that thing where the actual events get revealed layer by layer as you see flashbacks from each character's POV. I found the result incredibly satisfying. (Disclaimer: I fucking love that kind of thing.) The ending was got way too sentimental, but honestly everything up to that point was so great that it's pretty easy for me to just edit that last half-hour in my memory. Highly recommended if you're into horror for the characters more than the jump scares.

- The Magnus Archives. Still catching up on this - I think I have seven episodes to go. Jon is my faaaavorite. I saw someone describe his arc on the show as being parallel journeys of him becoming a better person while also becoming progressively less human, and I love it.

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media consumed

I've not really been in a fanfic place the past few weeks, either reading or writing. It's something to do with the turn of the seasons, I think. Instead there's been books and TV and movies, so have some of that.

- Authority, by Jeff Vandermeer. The second in the Southern Reach trilogy. I'm only continuing to read these because I want to know more about what's going on inside the border. The prose is just so... weirdly vague. Lots of metaphors, but it doesn't add up to anything, and this book doesn't even have much in the way of attempted horror to make up for it. These are not good books. I did appreciate the spoiler at the end about the biologist, though.

- The Elementals, by Michael McDowell. I picked this up based on a "best horror" rec. It's southern Gothic horror from the 70s. The characters and atmosphere were great. It wasn't terrifying, like the blurbs said, but I enjoyed it a lot. It's got some magical Negro trope going on, though, fair warning.

- Deep Roots, by Ruthanna Emrys. This took 80 pages or so to really get traction. I did enjoy it once we got there, although not as much as the first book in the series. This one gets into tougher questions, though, about how to live in the world with people who are indifferent to you, how to keep on recovering from trauma, how much recovery is even possible. Much less interesting from a worldbuilding perspective, though, IMO.

- Santa Olivia, by Jacqueline Carey. Friends, I made it about three pages in, and then I flipped through the rest to find out if the prose calmed down later. It did not. The constant oscillation between repetition of words and phrases for emphasis and sentences set alone for emphasis was unbearable. So this was a DNF.

- A Simple Favor. Blake Lively was so fucking hot in this mystery/thriller, and she owned the screen every time she was on it, but otherwise this was pretty bad. Emotionally incoherent, too much plot, TOO HETEROSEXUAL. Anna Kendrick has more time on screen with Henry Golding than with Lively, which is just a travesty.
- The Witch. I was not prepared for just how straight this movie played its story of a Puritan family plagued by a witch. It was an interesting experience, as a movie, and I enjoyed the acting and the setting, but the ending didn't seem earned. Choices were made that did not seem in any way supported by prior characterization. IDK.

- The Magicians. I watched two episodes of this for a friend who loves it. I hated everyone and then heard spoilers for the rest of the season and wow, I am never watched another moment of it, WTAF.
- The Good Place. I binged S2 as a palate cleanser for last week's current events, and you guys, this show is just... full of joy???

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some Thor thoughts

One of the things I am super into in Thor: Ragnarok is how in the process of becoming King of Asgard (by way of burning his entire realm to ash), Thor actively leads people. It’s one thing for him to come up with a plan for treason in Thor: The Dark World involving a bunch of his closest friends, and it’s another to assemble the Revengers, a team composed entirely of people who initially have zero interest in doing what he wants.

Valkyrie: Wants to hide away on Sakaar and drink her sorrows. Thor pleads with her to help Asgard one more time, and when she eventually agrees, he brings her a suit of Valkyrie armor from Asgard’s armory. And then he hops down off the Commodore, and she says: “Your majesty, don’t die.” That exchange is everything. ;___; He’s helped her find herself again!!

Loki: Wants to rise through Sakaar’s ranks and also tweak his brother’s nose, as usual. Thor, who has clearly found some much-needed perspective in the past couple of years re: their relationship, plays Loki like a fiddle and finally gives him the “You could be so much more” speech. And lo and behold, it works, and for the first time we’ve ever seen in canon, Loki makes a series of actual good choices (and one bad one, but we’re not talking about that). And then he gets a hug out of it. :’)

(I’m really interested in both Val and Loki having pretty conflicted feelings about their newfound loyalty. In my head they’re all in now, they’ll fight by Thor’s side to the end for Asgard, they’re 100% committed, but that doesn’t mean they’re always happy about it. These are not the lives they had planned for themselves. And I’m especially interested in them bonding over this, but that’s probs the subject for a different post.)

Bruce: Is terrified of alien planets, flying a spaceship, Loki, and being stuck as the Hulk forever; very sensibly wants nothing to do with getting involved in Asgardian royal family drama. But he does come through for Thor and the Asgardians when they need him most, even though he’s pretty sure he’ll never come back from it. Bruce. ;_;


So when Thor becomes king at last, he does it not just by getting a big power-up, but by inspiring the people around him to make the bravest choices and be their best selves. He earns the crown by leading, which is pretty damned awesome, in my opinion.

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big MCU recs post #3

Friends, I have read a ton of fic in the past five weeks. Below find 23 recs, including a huge variety of post-Ragnarok fic, several Tony/Pepper fics, some Bucky-in-Wakanda, some other Steve/Bucky, some Natasha/Loki femdom, a Tony/Loki time loop, a Thor + Sam Wilson road trip, and Strange/Mordo. Enjoy.

VidsCollapse )

Post-Ragnarok Thor ficCollapse )

Thor characters + Avengers charactersCollapse )

Other shipsCollapse )

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Dear Trick or Treat Creator

YAY, Trick or Treat! Thank you so much for create something for me! I love Trick or Treat for all the spooky possibilities, although I have lots of other kinds of prompts in here as well. :)

General likes / dislikesCollapse )

MCU – fic, artCollapse )

Pacific Rim – ficCollapse )

Blackkklansman – ficCollapse )

Hockey RPF - ficCollapse )

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fic: 2 Thor, 1 hockey

I have been writing fic! I've been trying my hand at Thor fic, and so far not managed anything very long, but I'll keep trying.

Like Fruit from a Tree, post-Ragnarok 1.9k Thor+Loki, truth serum
Shotgun Wedding, post-Ragnarok 1.2k Loki/Valkyrie, mpreg and a wedding :D

Also this week, the Pens Monthly 3-on-3 flash exchange:
of service to my country, 1.8k Sid/Olli, the world's most compressed arranged marriage AU

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big MCU recs post #2

So my approach to the MCU this summer has pretty much been "read anything that's good," and I have stumbled across so much good stuff that way. Thanks especially to everyone who's made recs to me or in my general vicinity. Anything that sounded intriguing I dumped on my Kindle, and then I've slowly been working my way through. Good stuff, friends.

15 recs!Collapse )

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and now a Loki fic rec

After all that complaining I did today, tonight I got notification of this fic, which dives head-first into all that early canon I said I didn't want to engage with, and it does it so beautifully, with sympathy for everyone involved (especially if you take Loki as a fairly unreliable narrator on the subject of his own past self). ;_____;

At the End of the Day, by scioscribe
If he were truly in his own past, and he changed it now, he would never again catch up to the Thor he had left behind. Either that future would be scrubbed away or the universe would split into two paths taken in parallel, with no way for Loki to cross from one to the other. He was killing them just by being here. Or—almost worse, in the selfishness of his heart—he was not. Their lives would go on without him. They would wake and he would be gone and Thor—

Thor would think he had fled. Gone in the night without a word.

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I now have a Loki problem

Friends, I am having a Loki Situation. I rewatched Thor: Ragnarok and had several "Oh no he's hot" moments, and now everything is terrible. Mostly it's terrible because I am so excruciatingly picky about his characterization, and like half of canon and most of fic gets it wrong. 🙈🙈🙈 (Please append big "YMMV" disclaimers to every paragraph of this post.)

some negativity behind the cut, but mostly just me navel-gazingCollapse )

On a related note, if anyone has recs for LJ-sized Loki icons, especially circa TDW or Ragnarok, I would be ever so grateful.

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hockey fic recs #24

Nine fics.

PensCollapse )

Not PensCollapse )

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posting ship feelings like it's 2010

I am slowly coming to the conclusion that even though I'm pretty invested in both Thor and Loki at this point, I still don't ship them? Which is bewildering to me, because I have other incest ships! Even very similar ones! I ship Gamora/Nebula like burning.

I think I've finally figured out what's going on, which is that in my head, Thor and Loki's tenuous relationship as brothers gets in the way of me shipping them. Like, blood siblings who've grown up together? I can ship that. (Wincest.) Blood siblings who grew up mostly apart? I ship that, too. (My hockey rpf shame otp. >.>) Unrelated people who grow up knowing they're unrelated, consider each other siblings anyway? Again, see Gamora/Nebula! But given their canon circumstances, I feel like Thor and Loki getting together would have a lot of conflicted feelings about how maybe their sexual romantic feelings for each other invalidate their sibling relationship. If they feel this way about each other, maybe they really aren't and have never been brothers?? And I don't want that for them.

Their whole relationship arc over the course of three movies is about how they are still brothers DESPITE EVERYTHING, despite Odin's lies and Loki's repeated betrayal and attempted murder and so on. Loki is clearly standing there having a lot of feelings when Odin calls him one of his sons in Thor: Ragnarok, and it's really significant that Loki calls himself Loki Odinson in Infinity War. And I feel like putting them in a sexual/romantic relationship jeopardizes all that for them, from their perspective.

Their canon relationship is already fraught in other ways, already a relationship that takes a lot of balance and work, with plenty of conflict to keep things narratively interesting. I'm not saying there's no way a fic could sell me on a romantic/sexual relationship for them, but I haven't read one yet that does. Honestly I kind of want to try and write one myself, just to see what it would take.

All that, and yet I recently read a Thor/Loki/Valkyrie fic that I liked just fine? And I've been enjoying some extremely attractive Thor/Loki fanart, because I'm a sucker for a well-drawn kiss? And I also have zero problems shipping them if they've grown up apart - I'm following a, can you believe, a BLUE CASTLE AU starring Jotun!Loki, Thor the local adventurous rogue, and the Revengers, and it's amazing. So IDK. Maybe I'm just making up reasons that don't exist, and all it's going to take is the right fic.

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so I made an MCU discord server

It's all-purpose MCU server, 18+, all ships and sub-franchises welcome. Here is a permanent invite. It's pretty empty right now, but I made some channels and some rules. Feel free to share the link around if you know anybody who might be interested.

Based on my personal interests, I foresee a lot of GotG and Thor content, but I would love more variety from people who are into other things.

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Riverdale fic recs

These recs are all for fics I read aaaages ago, just post-S1, so don't expect anything fresh here. I enjoyed them all a lot, though.

sharper than a serpent's tooth by village_skeptic
Alice/FP, 5k. I love unexpected moments of vulnerability and understanding, and this fic has them in spades. The potential for those moments is part of what's so great about this ship, I think.

Blossom Resurgam by burglebezzlement
Cheryl gen, 1k. Cheryl goes looking for a new brooch. I love this character study, with all this bonus Blossom backstory to boot.

Like Blood from a Stone by M_Monoceros
Reggie/Jughead, 19k. Reggie rescues Jughead from the rain (and his own head) for a few hours. This is not quite hatesex, but kind of enemies-with-benefits sex, and also h/c and all the prickly fragile rapport I could hope for.

Red Hot American Apparel by nimmieamee
Betty/Veronic, Betty/Jughead, 2k. Everybody's dressing up to try and snag Betty Cooper. Just a very cute wooing/seduction fic. I like this kind of mythical significance Jughead gives Betty, as symbolizing Riverdale itself.

Replacement Goldfish by zombiekittiez
Cheryl+Archie friendship, 2k. I'm always a sucker for unlikely friendships, and this just feels right for both of them - Archie's awkward, fumbling good intentions, and Cheryl letting herself be vulnerable with this one person while arranging everything around herself to suit her.

you're no stranger to me, by trepan
Veronica/Veronica, 3k. Some magical realism selfcest for you here. I LOVE the idea of Riverdale as this place weirdly displaced from time and conventional geography and of the river as the source of it all. I would read a whole lot more fics that played around with that idea.

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mcu fandom ponderings

I am having a great time reading MCU fic this summer. On one hand this shouldn't be surprising, since I've gone through an MCU phase every summer since 2014. On the other hand, I'm reading a lot more widely, and just a lot more, period.

Partly I'm enjoying just how much variety there is - which is natural, considering the franchise has been around for a full decade now and has something like 20 movies in it. When I had my first taste of MCU fic circa 2012, it was all for the Avengers movie (which I was pretty bored by), and I didn't care for any of it. These days I can have many many flavors of fic: spies or space opera or romance or the politics of a small anomalous African state. There's LOTS of character types to choose from now (including way more women than in 2012 - funny how much easier it is for me to get fannishly invested now!). There's a lot of long, meaty fic that has both plot and emotions.

I think that last thing might be the key - the fandom's been around long enough now, with enough different ships, that now there's this huge backlog of GOOD fic for me to read. I figured out a long time ago that I can't get into a fandom until I've read a ton of fic for it, which of course means I can't get into any fandom that isn't at least a couple of years old. This is fairly inconvenient, honestly! It's a minor miracle I got into Pens fandom as early as I did, only two years after Sid/Geno started taking off as a pairing.

So now I'm wondering how anybody ~does~ MCU fandom, especially if they like a lot of things and aren't hardcore about any of the big m/m ships. I guess the answer is tumblr, but ughhhhh tumblr. Are there discords? I haven't had any luck finding any that are active and 18+; if anyone has recs I am all ears.

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comics fic recs

calm me down, get it out by defcontwo - Marvel comics
Natasha/Yelena, 4.5k. Fake marrieds, except it's for SPY reasons and instead of being rom-commy it's all prickly and hot and great. Yelena here is all bite and teeth, as she should be.

Before You Command by originally
Prince Robot IV, 1k. This captures IV's fractured mind so, so well. Him wanting to get fucked by moonies is such a pitch-perfect character detail.

Your Mother [vid] by [profile] ghostlingering
Alana + Hazel, 1.5 mins. I'm always impressed to see what vidders can do with still media like comics panels. This was great.

Day by Day by [personal profile] sholio
Gwendolyn+Sophie+Lying Cat, 2k. In the aftermath of Book 3/issue #18, Gwendolyn and Sophie start putting the pieces back together. I love the quiet ups and downs of Sophie and Lying Cat's friendship, everyone's general inability to cook, Sophie whose housekeeping skills don't extend to laundry, Gwendolyn who forgets to feed Lying Cat, Lying Cat who says that cookies are fine for cats. Just delightful.

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MCU recs

Friends, I think it's past time I made a proper recs post tag for the MCU. I've only been making recs in this fandom for four years. >.> I've just been pretending I'm not REALLY in the fandom, but, well.

8 recs for Thor movies, IW, Agent Carter, Captain AmericaCollapse )

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hockey fic recs #23

nine ficsCollapse )

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h/c bingo

If tradition prevails, I will complete at most one square, but perhaps I will find it inspirational.

bingo!Collapse )

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state of the snick

I've spent the time since the Pens season ended writing various things (including a fic in the 2018 Sid/Geno exchange, which just went live) and reading a ton of MCU fic.

Somehow, between Thor: Ragnarok (which I LOVED) and IW (which had some gaping plot holes but also gutted me), I'm feeling as fannish as I have about the MCU maybe ever. I freaking loved all the canon-divergence possibilities that came out of IW and all the random team-ups, with potential for more in the next installment.

Also somehow Thor has become far and away my favorite of the main Avengers, which is so weird, because I have seen Thor 1 and Thor 2 twice each and didn't care for either of them. Possibly I just like Thor better when he's miserable. I feel like he's gained a LOT of gravitas since his first couple of appearances. And Ragnarok was such a great addition: the big reveals of Ragnarok made the Asgardian branch of the MCU so much more interesting to me than before, I really like where it brought the Thor&Loki relationship, I fell in love with Heimdall, Valkyrie was great fun and comes with a lot of fascinating storytelling possibilities. Plus the aesthetic and overall design of the movie was freaking gorgeous.

Of course I also still love the Guardians crew (LOVE the implication in IW that Nebula's been in regular contact with them over the four years intervening between GotG2 and IW), and I saw and enjoyed Black Panther quite a bit. I've even been feeling I might like to rewatch the Iron Man movies at some point.

Anyway I've been reading a lot of fic and daydreaming some possible fics to write, so we shall see. No doubt I will dump a bunch of new recs here at some point.

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femslash recs

I continue to try and work through my backlog of recs. It turns out I have a bunch of femslash recs in fandoms I otherwise don't read much in or don't have any other recs for, so here's a bunch of them!

Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen
The Part of Her Hair by scioscribe
Mary Bennett/OFC, 10.5k. This fic does such a good job painting the picture of a Mary who's still awkward, but cognizant of it now, which just makes her more aware of how lacking most of her family is in terms of companionship. But she's also trying so hard to be good and not-awkward! And succeeding sometimes!

Game of Thrones
How Sweet, Too Sweet, Too Bitter Sweet by celestialskiff
Brienne/Margaery, 4k. Captures all the contrasts between them - Brienne's roughness and Margaery's courtly manners, Brienne who can take her armor off and is exactly who she seems through and through versus Margaery, who is layers upon layers.

Keep the Bouquets, Throw Away the Grooms by Netgirl_y2k
Sansa/Margaery, 3k. The Lannisters meant it as an insult when they arranged the marriage of Sansa Stark to Margaery Tyrell. But is it truly an insult if nobody is insulted? AKA the f/f arranged marriage fic that made me crave f/f arranged marriages fics. Brief but delightful.

Saga (Comic)
Runs in the Family by originally
Gwendolyn/The Brand, 200 words. A brief snippet of a potential ship, including some headcanon that so closely aligns with my own that it took me a while after reading to remember that it wasn't made explicit in the text.

Gilmore Girls
Boston Marriage by Jae
Rory/Paris, 5k. Paris proposes marriage, of a sort. Rory takes a while to coming around to accepting. A fandom classic and deservedly so. Very fun character voices.

Strange Empire
Four Gifts by sanguinity
Rebecca Blithely/Kat Loving, 7k. Kat Loving gave Rebecca four gifts. They are the most precious things in Rebecca's life. A lovely slow-burn.

Original Fic
The Haunts of Daily Life by tristesses
Lesbian Superhero/Lesbian Supervillain, 19k. Tropey femslashy goodness, fairly light-hearted and good fun.

Like the Knight Loves the Queen by scioscribe
Female Mob Moss/Female Advisor, 3k. But what 3000 words they are. This noirish 1950s piece doesn't have a ton of explicit sex in it, and is somehow all the more sexual for it. Great narrative voice and STEAMY AS HELL.

Come to Me by Moonlight by RecessiveJean
Regency Lady/Crossdressing Regency Lady. Veronica always had an inkling she might one day be waylaid by a dashing highwayman, so she rehearsed herself accordingly. She had not anticipated, however, that any girl could look quite so fine in a hat. Silly and delightful.

Inappropriate Use of Inquisition Assets by serenitfalls
Dragon Age, Dalish/Skinner, NSFW. Delicious.

Inspiration by lostphysics
Original work, Female Ukiyo-e Artist/Female Kitsune, NSFW. BDSM+bondage. *fire emoji*

pinned, unravelled by lostphysics
Crimson Peak, Edith/Lucille, NSFW. Love the colors in this.

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GotG recs 4

We Are [ ]root by longwhitecoats
Rocket+Groot, Nebula/Gamora, 1k. Post-GotG1. A nifty little character study full of grief and sharp edges and connection.

Your Highnessness by shadydave
Ensemble fic, Jupiter Ascending crossover, 4k. A DELIGHT. The running joke of Peter making Star Wars references he assumes no one gets was great, the way they tied into the ending was great, Gamora and Caine Wise doing a lot of suspicious circling and metaphorical baring of teeth was great.

Shaking the Polaroid by Peril_in_Peace
Peter Quill + his grandfather, Gamora/Peter Quill, 3.5k. Post-GotG2. Peter goes home to earth after the events on Ego. Quiet and introspective. I especially liked the part where Peter discovers Ego deliberately made himself look like the actor Meredith had a crush on.

Just a Temporary Kidnapping by Woozletania
Rocket, 2k. Rocket gets kidnapped, but they really just want to offer him a job. This was a really fun fic tidbit, with a lot of Rocket just getting to nerd out.

together we'll make heaven (series) by HaviCat
Mantis/Nebula, 6.5k. Mantis finds her place with the Guardians, and also with Nebula. Second fic is a WIP. I like fic with food, and especially fic with food with recipes linked the end. I tried the soup, and I think it's going to be a keeper.

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Dear Poly Hockey Writer

Sid/Geno/Olli, Dumo/Tanger/Olli, Sid/Geno/RustyCollapse )

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hockey fic recs #22

Sid/GenoCollapse )

Other Pens shipsCollapse )

Non-PensCollapse )

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MCU recs

Continuing to clear out the massive "to rec" pile.

The Feeling of Freedom by DoreyG
Thor/T'Challa, 1k. Arranged marriage between two royal families, and I'd read another 50k of it.

Concession by obsession_inc
Christine Everhart, Tony/Pepper, 26k. Christine Everhart investigates the disappearance of Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. Hot damn this is magnificent. An outsider's deep dive into a deeply dysfunctional relationship. I don't want to give too much away, but wow I loved this a lot. Head the tags/summary.

i brought a knife to a gunfight by paperclipbitch
Valkyrie + Bruce, 2k. In which they come to terms with each other, a little. Great voices, very funny, great characterization.

black sheep and mischief by grim_lupine
Loki + Thor, 3k. Uneasy lies the crown, etc, but at least Thor has the company of his brother. Such as it is. Post-Ragnarok.

Let's Hear It For the Rainbow Tour by inlovewithnight
Thor/Valkyrie, 14k. Parlimentary democracy, a tour of Marvelized Norse mythology, the maybe-inevitable intertwining of Thor and Loki's fates, and some great low-key Thor/Valkyrie. Very nice.

and the sun just goes on rising by apatternedfever
Peggy/Natasha, 4k. A time loop for two! Peggy on one side and the Russian spy on the other live the same day over and over. A really neast twist on an old trope.

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GotG recs 3

One of my resolutions for the year was to post a bunch of these recs that have been clogging up my bookmarks for ages. Some of these I've been saving for years, hence the split between stuff from before and after GotG2. There's some fantastic fics in here. Not to be missed.

fic written post-GotG1Collapse )

fic written post-GotG2Collapse )

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Media Consumed

This is partly just a list to try and keep track. Very short thoughts on each, but feel free to ask me about them if you like! This is from the past six months or so.

Especially talk to me if you've been listening to The Magnus Archives!

movies, TV, books, a podcastCollapse )

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hockey fic recs #21

Pens shipsCollapse )

other shipsCollapse )

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my fannish 2017

This year I posted 137k, a new personal best by nearly 20k! I am over the moon about this. Granted, that included 60k written in previous years and finally posted this year, but even so. This included 17 hockey fics, 8 MCU drabbles, 2 comics fics, a Riverdale fic, and a Star Wars fic. Aside from the MCU drabble sojourn, I wrote almost all hockey this year.

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Yuletide: what I wrote

I wrote two fics for Yuletide this year!

a soft white damn (Pittsburgh Penguins RPF, Dumoulin/Maatta, 8.5k). I've shipped them ever since I found this incredible tweet Dumo made when they were rooming together in 2013. I nominated them both for Yuletide along with some other people, just for kicks, and then to my astonishment someone actually requested shippy fic of them! Normally I feel weird writing in my year-round fandom for YT, but this was too good an opportunity to pass up.

I'm really happy with the result. It's the longest hockey fic I've written that wasn't about Sid or Geno. It's very wintery, and there's even a hint of Christmas (it was SUPER CONVENIENT of the Pens to call Dumo up right around then), and I got to write about Olli from someone else's POV, after writing from his POV a bunch.

Triune (Uncanny X-Force, Evan & Fantomex, 4k). I've loved this flawed weird grimdark comic with great character arcs for years, but can never find anyone to talk about it with who loves the parts I love, and then lo and behold, the very first letter to the YT letters post this year was someone wanting fic about these two. ;___;

As I told a friend, I wasn't really sure what I wanted to say in this fic, so I mostly just dug around in the feelings for a while and then somebody cried. These characters just have SO MANY weird identity and existential issues to work through, and I would like several dozen writers to work on their own interpretations, plz. But anyway here's one interpretation. I'm pretty happy with it, especially since I wrote the entire thing (!!!!) on Christmas Eve. And I got really nice comments from not only the recip but also multiple other people, which I did not expect - I was pretty sure this was a fandom of two at best. A rousing Yuletide success, IMO. :')

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Dear Chocolate Box Creator

Thank you so much for making a gift for me! I can't wait to see what you create. For each ship I've tried to give you an idea of both how I see them and some things I'd enjoy seeing in fic or art, but I didn't get into specific prompts for a lot of them, so feel free to grab stuff from the general likes for prompts.

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Stranger Things – fic, artCollapse )

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Yuletide Recs

It is possible I'll have more recs before author reveals, but I'm going to go ahead and get these out of the way. First, my gifts!
A Scrap of Velvet - Cuckoo Song - Frances Hardinge, Trista + Triss, 7k
A post-canon adventure that draws on all the folklore elements and moody atmosphere of the book, while delving into the really complicated relationships the book left us with. It's marked as gen, but I ship Trista/Violet pretty hard in it. :D

salvation is a deep dark well - Stranger Things, Nancy + Joyce, 3k
Also a post-canon adventure! Nancy has some suspicions, and she and Joyce go exploring. I was really excited to get this, as the fandom seems deeply uninterested in exploring what I think would be a very interesting relationship. Is marked pre-Joyce/Nancy, but if that's not your bag, I think it reads comfortably as gen.

And now, the rest of the recs! Includes: Imperial Radch, Mansfield Park, Dinotopia, Primer (2004 movie), Logan, Grace and Frankie, And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Hill's Cold Side – James Tiptree Jr., Wonder Woman, Age of Youth / Hello My Twenties, Carrie – Stephen King, Sunshine – Robin McKinleyCollapse )

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WIP amnesty: tentacles!Murray/Fleury, 6k

This is the story of Matt Murray, stealth eldritch god, and how he accidentally knocks up his mentor Flower with a lot of eldritch god babies. I wrote this at a fevered pitch earlier this year and then abruptly got stuck. I've never abandoned a fic this fast before, especially not one with this many words, but I've decided there's basic problems with character motivations that I just can't fix. Alas.

Contents: tentacles, oviposition, mpreg, inflation, dubcon.

The Staal cousins all looked exactly alike, the boys and the girls both, and though Flower thought someone told him there were nine, he’d believe there were two dozen by how they were so constantly underfoot.Collapse )

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Hockey fic recs #20

Pens ficCollapse )

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finally posting my Sid/Olli WIP!!!!

At VERY LONG LAST, the project I have been working on intermittently for over three years is finally getting posted! I'm doing installments, posting MWF. There are two up so far. It's basically done except for some minor editing, so I'm hoping to stick to that schedule until all the parts are up in 2-3 weeks.

This is the longest work I have ever written, and I'm really proud of it and how it's turning out. I'm also just really glad to finally be really sure that all the hard work I've put into it won't go to waste. There's a special kind of sunk-cost anxiety that comes from having 60k of a WIP and still knowing the end is tens of thousands of words away. What if I never finish??

But now I'm finishing. \o/ Just in time for Olli Maatta to be having a crackerjack bounceback season after two disappointing ones, so good timing there, I guess.

Nineteen (16302 words) by Snickfic
Chapters: 2/10
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Sidney Crosby/Olli Maatta
Characters: Olli Maatta, Sidney Crosby
Additional Tags: Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Mating Cycles/In Heat, Mating Bond, Slow Burn, Romance, 2013-2014 NHL Season, Additional Warnings In Author's Note, Pittsburgh Penguins, Sharing a Bed, Forced Intimacy

When Olli answers the call to come help an omega in need, he doesn’t expect the omega to be Sid. He doesn’t expect to end up bonded just in time for the Olympics, either, but they can break it after they get back. It’ll be fine.

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WIP amnesty: Sid/AU!Geno

Ages ago, I wrote the first 4k of a story in which Sid fell into an AU where he and Geno were together. I've given up on finishing it because A) I worked out most of my internalized homophobia feelings in Camouflage, and B) I wrote it in November 2015, set in December 2015, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COACHING CHANGE + a half a dozen other traumatic events I did not want to have to write about.

I'm officially giving up, so here's the progress I did make on it, in case anyone's interested. It's got some lines I'm still proud of. Warnings for angst.

4000 wordsCollapse )

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