Snick (snickfic) wrote,

All-Penguin AU Index Post

I'm in the process of compiling all the links I can find to penguin!Buffy fics, art, or fanworks. If you know of any that aren't listed here, please link me! I'm pretty sure I've barely scratched the surface here.

The post that started it all.

angearia: For Wont of a Featherdo (William/Buffy)
beer_good_foamy: Fowl Language
--more Fowl Language (penguin!Buffy, donkey!Spike)
--and a bit more Fowl Language
--The Kitchen Sink Cracked From Side to Side (S8-related, penguin!Dawn)
bogwitch: Flipping the Bird - SPN
brutti_ma_buoni: untitled Spuffy-at-the-zoo S6 fic (winks at the penguinverse)
brutti_ma_buoni: Doomed: The Epic Love Story - tragic star-crossed Spuffy
eilowyn: Plan "A" (S8-related)
gabrielleabelle: The Poet Behind the Penguin (Andrew, Spuffy)
--Bargaining for an Egg (Willow/Tara)
gillo: Penguin Orgy
gingerwall: untitled zoo!penguin!Spuffy
owenthurman: Queen Maud (S8-related, penguin!Spike)
parcae_lj: untitled crossover w/Harry Potter
quinara: P-P-P-Pick Up a Plot for Vengeance (Spuffy, Ats crew)
--Gone Fishin' (Buffy)
--Fun with the Fluffballs (Spuffy babyfic)
snickfic: untitled mpreg

gillo: icon
ladyofthelog: artwork
--and more comic
sentine: Icons
shipperx: manip and icon
stormwreath: Picspam of S6 if Buffy had come back as a penguin
teragramm: penguin!Spuffy wallpaper
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