July 8th, 2012

Anya final stand, S7

this time a list of unrelated items

* My brain may now at any time substitute "Jared" when I mean "Sam" and "Jensen" when I mean "Dean" (and logical vice-versas). *facepalm*

* I remembered the other point I wanted to make yesterday about RPF, which is: I know there are lots of fandoms that take a pairing or two from their canon and go crazy with werewolf AUs and space rebel AUs and what not, and I never cared about them before. The reason I care about the crack AUs now, with RPF, is that I don't give a fig about the canon. Er, 'canon.' This particular group of actors has kept on failing to disillusion me for a surprisingly long time, but I still do not know or care to know the details of their lives. Which means turning them all into space rebels doesn't offend my canon-purist sensibilities in the slightest. :D

* I have so many things I want to say about fics I am writing but cannot talk about! Grr.

* I'm back in that phase where by far the most interesting entertainment is fandom and/or writing. This means no TV recently. I've watched Mad Men through 2.03, I think, and I haven't watched anything else at all in ages. Except SPN. For various projects I cannot talk about.

* I read this nifty River/Sam crossover today, and I feel I should tell you all. (That's River Tam, not River Song.) It's a very fun fusion thingy, more River-centric than River/Sam, but Mal and Dean in particular are also delightful. And it has plot and everything!

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