January 16th, 2019

Buffy hungry

food I have made

As I get settled into the new year and a new schedule at work and recover from the holidays, I've deliberately put aside a lot of fannish stuff for the month. Instead I've focused on yoga (I'm doing Adriene Mishler's 30-day yoga thing) and household chores and sleep AND also cooking.

For one thing, I tackled those beets I mentioned last time! It turned out I had fewer pounds than I thought, but I did make several delicious beet things. And also some other new recipes.

Beets with garlic-walnut sauce - This was not something I need on a regular basis, but as a special occasional thing, I enjoyed it. It'd make a nice cold side item to take to pot-lucks.

Borscht - I opted for [personal profile] rosefox's recipe, because beef. This was delicious! For texture, I cubed all the beets instead of shredding some. We decided almost immediately that the only thing the potatoes added was volume; I won't be bothering with those in the future. I kept forgetting to take the sour cream to work, so what I ended up with was essentially tangy beef stew with beets in, which I enjoyed very much. Will make again.

Lemon-shallot pasta - In between servings I kept thinking I probably didn't like this very much, because I'm not usually into parsley or raw tomatoes on pasta, but when it was actually on my plate I liked it a lot. I think it was definitely better the second day, after the flavors in the sauce had settled into the pasta a little. Will make again.

Cannoli pound cake - This was fine? Somehow I hoped for more from a cake with ricotta cheese in it. It's very possible that the key to my disappointment is that I just don't like cake very much most of the time. It also ended up a little crustier than I wanted, because of how long it took for the inside to finish cooking. It disappeared pretty fast when I took it in to work, though.

Spicy tuna-stuffed avocadoes - These were divine. The salt of the soy sauce, the tang of the lime juice, the avocado creaminess... MMMMM. I caught the avocado when it was exactly ripe, too. Highly recommend.

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