January 27th, 2019

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Posting Meme: top 5 movies

Oh look, at long last I'm responding to these again!

I'd like to hear about your top five films. for [personal profile] ever_neutral
If we're talking "best" then I have absolutely no idea how to answer this question, and even "favorite" is really pushing it, so instead I have a list of my five most rewatchable movies:

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000) - I started with (IMO) the most accessible of the Coen Brothers movies and spent the next fifteen years searching for another I liked half so well, although True Grit did come pretty close. Anyway: endlessly quotable, great music, George Clooney doing comedy. A modern classic.

Ocean's 11 (2001) - I'm not actually a huge Clooney fan, just somehow these are both on the list. This is so stylish, moderately clever, a great cast with great chemistry, great soundtrack, everyone looking very good in very expensive-looking clothes. I've seen the Rat Pack original, and IMO it doesn't hold a candle to the remake.

LoTR: The Two Towers (2002) - I feel like this trio of movies defined my young adulthood like the original Star Wars trilogy did for a lot of people a generation before. Nothing else will ever measure up. I like the feeling of middle-ness about TTT, how it feels like you've always been in the middle of this struggle, the beginning far behind us and no end in sight, and the battle of Helm's Deep is my favorite big action set piece of the whole trilogy. It also has my favorite score of the three, maybe because of that same feeling of middle-ness.

Hot Fuzz (2007) - A DELIGHT. Love the genre sendup, love Frost and Pegg, love the slashy dynamic that doesn't even feel like subtext.

Pacific Rim (2013) - del Toro's films always feel a little lacking in substance for me, no matter how gorgeous, but if you add GIANT MONSTERS fighting GIANT ROBOTS it turns out I don't even need substance. Visually stunning and the score is composed by Ramin Djawadi, who has sneakily become my favorite film/TV composer.

This list is awfully dude-heavy. Give me another three years and Mad Max: Fury Road or Thor: Ragnarok might displace one of these, but it's too early to tell right now. Other honorable mentions are The Matrix, Men in Black, Newsies, and the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

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Anya final stand, S7

belated BtVS opinion

Buffy 2.18 "Killed by Death" is a Supernatural episode starring Buffy Summers, before Supernatural existed. Same horror vibe, fairy-tale worldbuilding, genuine sense of peril, iddy woobieness.

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Anya final stand, S7

comm links

There's a variety of reccing comms around DW. Here are a couple that I would like to make an effort to post to once in a while:

[community profile] bestthingever: For reccing your new favorite recently-posted fanwork. Open reccing. Fanwork should be three months old or less.

[community profile] fancake: Themed recs, with the new theme posted at the beginning of the month. Open reccing. January's month is Five Things Fics (and other fanworks, I guess - usually the themes are a little less tied to a specific medium).

These are both the kinds of communities that work the best if a lot of people make a little contribution each. Maybe you can think of a fic or piece of fanart from the past three months that you'd like to tell people about?

Also, [personal profile] melannen in her post about comms (which inspired this post) mentioned a comm I wasn't familiar with, [community profile] fanart_recs. You sign up to rec four pieces of fanart for a fandom of your choice over the space of a month. I might do this one soon.

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