February 15th, 2019

Cordelia excited

Chocolate Box goodies

You guys, I LUCKED. OUT. I got such delicious goodies for a number of my fandoms. If anything, this round really brought home the value of asking for exactly what you want, because I got gifts written to some very niche requests of my heart. <3

The Terror
Please check out this gorgeous art I received. It's for The Terror, but you don't have to have seen the show to appreciate the beautiful lines and the intimacy of an Inuit girl and her monster bear. <3

Witness - Silna/Goodsir, 800 words.
A neat canon-divergence fic with some very intriguing ideas of Goodsir caught in the middle of a negotiation between science and the spiritual realm.

in stature, grace, and hue - Gamora/Heimdall, 2900 words
My tiny tiny rarepair, with a cool canon-divergence twist and pitch-perfect characterization for not just Gamora and Heimdall but the whole cameo ensemble.

a strange circumstance - Heimdall/Thor, 4300 words
MY SPACE HOOKER AU PROMPT. This fic is *fire emoji*, with quality bottom Thor and some intriguingly mysterious backstory.

Catching - Bucky/Shuri, 700 words
And now my mpreg prompt! This author does a lot in a short space re: what Bucky's perspective of this development might be, and I love his and Shuri's easy established relationship.

The Magnus Archives
Caretaker - Jon/Martin, 1200 words
In which Jon is knocked up by a monster, and Martin takes care of him. Satisfyingly creepy in the classic TMA vein, and some very nice incidental belly kink.

Castle Rock
you bet your life - Henry Deaver/The Kid, 2000 words
A really intriguing and creative expansion of the show's mythology. I love the interpretation of the kid as a predator, with lots of crunchy imagery to go with.

Fallen London / Sunless Sea
Replete - Likely Lass/Zee-Captain, 900 words
F/F with delicious food porn worthy of Brian Jacques and some very nice belly kink with porn after. <3

The Vigil - Tireless Mechanic/Zee-Captain, 2100 words
In which the zee-captain serves the mechanic a long series of extremely esoteric dishes for the captain's own amusement. This has got all the weirdness of the Neath on full display. DELIGHTFUL.

Hockey RPF
The Good Spot - Murray/Rust, 7200 words
Man, this fic is just FULL OF FEELS of being queer in a straight society, and the different ways that plays out in different people's lives. I cried.

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