February 18th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

recs: Chocolate Box art recs

I have spent a glorious three-day weekend swimming in the Chocolate Box collection. I'm probably just about done reading, but I have so much stuff to rec that I'm going to do it in stages. So, let's start with the art recs!

All are SFW unless otherwise noted.

The Terror: breathe - Silna+Tuunbaq. Reccing this again because I am still ALL HEARTEYES.

The Hobbit: Evergreen - Bard the Bowman/Thranduil, kissing, lovely colors.

Deus Ex: House Call - Adam/Vaclav. Borderline NSFW. Shirtless kissing, great lighting.

DCEU: Ebb and Flow - Wonder Woman/Mera. Underwater kissing, gorgeous colors, gorgeous everything.

The Dragon Prince: Left Hand Man - Harrown/Viren. Some lovely m/m kissing action.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Waiting for Rescue - Jadzia/Kria. Tender hurt/comfort.

A Charm of Magpies - KJ Charles: Home - Jonah/Ben. A lovely homely family scene, great details and warm colors.

Yakuza: Smoke Break - Majima Goro/Nishitani Homare. Quality m/m kissing, great use of a limited palette, hot hot hot.

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