February 20th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

recs: Chocolate Box fic

The CB collection this year was really an embarrassment of riches. I enjoyed so many things.

The Terror (TV)
Beyond a Row of Myrtles
Gibson/Irving, 3k. Set in the early days stuck in the pack. There's so much delicious tension here, between Irving and Gibson, between Irving and his morals, and it all feels of a piece with the inexorable pressure of the ice (author's simile, not mine). I love Gibson's extremely pragmatic perspective, which makes him a great contrast with Irving but also with his choice of reading materials, which are mostly Milton and Dante.

Get Out
You Become the Neighborhood
Chris/Rod, 1.5k. Post-movie. I really like how part of the draw of this relationship for Chris is not just how it grounds him, but how it lets him have at least this one person who will be able to tell if he becomes a pod person.

The Witch
To Swift Decay and Burn
Thomasin/The Witch, 1k. The witch first comes to Thomasin in dreams. Strong imagery and packs a lot of heat into all those suggestive metaphors. MMM.

The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman
Bod/Silas, 600 words. For the first time in a very long time, Bod dances the Macabray. A really lovely piece that calls back to my favorite chapter of the book.

Original Works
Moon and Sea
Sea Witch/Female Embodiment of the Sea, 500 words. Some delicious, sensual imagery in this one.

Watch for Me by Moonlight
Female Wounded Stranger/Female Homesteader, 2k. Our werewolf heroine, dying of wounds from a hunter, finds unexpected help at the last hour. This is some lovely h/c combined with some lovely mythology.

Mars Trilogy – Kim Stanley Robinson
Lookout Point
Ann Clayborne/Sax Russell, 2k. This captures so much of what I love about these books: the rich, complicated characters (including Ann herself, so prickly and passionate and awkward and, worst of all, aware of how awkward she is); passionate intellectual debate; and the human touches, like Lookout Point itself.

Something Left to Lose
Bucky & Rocket, 4k. Post-IW, a slight AU where Bucky lives. I love the quiet friendship they develop, absolutely do not talk about, but both really need.

at least we had it for a moment
Steve, Bucky, Peggy, Nat gen. 500 words. In a surreal post-apocalyptic landscape, they have each other, sometimes. Love this interpretation of the Infinity Stones' effect. Nifty, efficent piece of horror.

To Watch the Faraway Stars
Heimdall/Loki, 3k. Post-Ragnarok. Late night vigils, talking around things, a trace of feeling on each side: all the things I love to read about these characters at this point in their history. The characterization is superb. I love this Heimdall, with his quiet wry humor and his grief and his insight into what makes Loki tick—but not everything. Highly recommended.

The Magnus Archives
Ten Year Reunion
Jon Simms & Georgie Baker, 2k. A missing scene of when Jon first showed up at Georgie's door, in need of help. This is so much the kind of thing that I want in TMA fic: hurt/comfort combined with prickly, flawed characters caring about one another, in their way. Really lovely.

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Anya final stand, S7

Unusual Bearings noms close soon!

Heads up, if you're thinking of participating in Unusual Bearings, nominations close tonight! The tag set is here. This is an exchange for any kind of pregnancy except "cis dude has PIV sex with cis gal and she gets pregnant." So, mpreg, fpreg, aliens did it, magic did it, monsters did it, evil scientists did it - you have MANY options.

It's a small-ish exchange, though, so if you have things you want to request or offer, chances are you will need to nominate them yourself, or they won't be there.

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