February 21st, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

Chocolate Box - fics I wrote!

I feel like in some ways I was very predictable this Chocolate Box (mpreg! MCU) and in other ways not at all (pairings and fandoms I haven't written before). I ended up writing 12k across four fics for this 300-word-minimum exchange, which is a lot more words than I set out to write. I use to be able to write short things! No wonder I'm tired.

Anyway, on to the fics!

Он – дракон | I Am Dragon (2015)
Little Flame
Mira/Arman, 1k. [personal profile] unforgotten requested mpreg for this het pairing for YT, and how could I resist?? The movie is a super cute fairy tale-ish historical fantasy, by the way.

Original Works
The Bridge and the Current
Prince Entering an Arranged Marriage to Bring Peace After Generations of War/His New Husband, 5k. This is wedding night arranged marriage oviposition with bonus xeno, ie all things that both the recip and I love.

I Can Show you the World
Bucky/Shuri, 3k. Post-CW fic where Shuri woos Bucky. I didn't really know what I was writing at any point, just that I wanted them to mash faces, and eventually they did! I had to stop mid-fic to finally watch CW, because I decided maybe I needed the rest of Bucky's canon before writing an entire fic from his POV. >.> This really whetted my appetite for this pairing, and I want to write a bunch more now.

The Borders Invisible
Heimdall/Loki 3k. Pre-canon, where Loki has gone off in a fit of pique to slum it on Contraxia, and Heimdall goes to retrieve him. I've been wanting to write a space hooker fic for ages, and this fic dropped into my head pretty much fully-formed. I barely had to do any editing on it once I got the words down. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, both the feelings and the sex.

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