March 4th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

stuff on Monday

* [community profile] fancake's theme of the month is "Pre-AO3 fic" (including fic that is now posted to AO3), sooooo calling all my Buffy and SPN friends! Go forth and rec your old favorites!

* Got my [community profile] unusual_bearings assignment! I have 200 words of something already, just this morning, but I don't know that it really fits with the kind of thing my recip wants. That's okay; this is just the brainstorming stage.

* I've been pootling along poking at an undisclosed WIP and also something for the recent Porn Battle thing, whose deadline I just realized I have already missed. Oh well. I'm already half-done with the thing, so I will probably finish it. It's... kind of far out of my usual wheelhouse, I feel.

* Speaking of the Porn Battle thing, some people wrote stuff for my prompts! Specifically this fill and this fill for Fallen London by [ profile] CandlesInTheWell and this MCU Valkyrie/Heimdall fic by [ profile] inlovewithnight

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Anya final stand, S7

fic rec: small fandoms

This is a hodge podge of fic with no theme except it's all for Yuletide-sized fandoms, and in fact most of them are from one Yuletide or another. (STILL cleaning out that recs tag on Pinboard...)

Sunless Sea / Fallen London
Budd by [ profile] Sath
OC gen, 1k. Body horror epistolary fic, exactly in keeping with this canon. Delightful, in a horrible kind of way.

The Vigil by [ profile] deepandlovelydark
Captain+Tireless Mechanic, 2k. Reccing this again with similarly-themed fics. This is basically feeding kink where the food involved is very, very weird. The author brings the full creative bizarreness of the Neath to bear on this. Just very fun.

Black Widow (comics)
Retractable Claws by [ profile] stars_inthe_sky
Laura Kinney gen, 1.5k. In which Laura has cat-sitting duty and works through a lot of feelings. This is an exquisite character study via a scenario that I would not generally have expected to draw out this much nuance. Lovely stuff.

The Left Hand of Darkness
Something New in the Same Face
Genly Ai/Estraven, 4.5k. Canon divergence in which Estraven lives, but it takes a while to get him pardoned. Some quality h/c combined with Estraven's pointed observations of aliens.

The Harvest of Oroch by [ profile] kangeiko
OC gen, 8.5k. This is a new tale of Karhide that fits seamlessly with the fatalist perspective of the tales in the book.

The Hateful Eight
Not Management Material by [ profile] PositivelyVex
Warren/Mannix, 10k. On the way to Minnie's, Warren and Mannix are captured by the Overlook Hotel. Timey-wimey shenanigans, grudging alliances that lead to sex, and all that good stuff.

Imperial Radch
Every Sundown by [ profile] neveralarch
Breq/Seivarden, 10k. AU where Seivarden is a ship and Breq is a rebel traitor recently returned to life. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about Breq who had never been a ship, but on the other hand Seivarden AS a ship who's kind of a mess and in kind of dire straits was so perfect - like this great mix of Sphene's instability with all Seivarden's hangups.

A Simple Favor
8 Simple Moments by [ profile] Moebius
Emily/Stephanie, 1k. I always love Stephanie surprising Emily with her resourcefulness and her sneakiness. This whole fic was a delight.

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