March 7th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

MCU recs post #5

VID: Hey Ho by [ profile] thuviaptarth
Catchy song, beautifully edited vid about the military industrial complex in the MCU.

there are entrances to Hell in every major city by [ profile] malfaisant
Thor/Loki, 24k. A canon divergence AU mid-IW, where it's Thor who dies, and Loki and Val who get rescued by the Guardians. But not to worry, Thor doesn't stay dead. There will never be enough "Thor characters meet the Guardians" fics to suit me, and this one is satisfyingly plotty. I especially like the Loki+Val dynamic in it.

The Wicked Brother, or Winter in the Ironwood by [ profile] Lang
Thor/Jotun!Loki, 100k. This is such a fun AU, where Loki is still a prince of Jotunheim when Asgard falls, and Jotunheim ends up taking in the Asgardian refugees. I love everything about the worldbuilding in this, how Jotunheim is frozen on top and warm underneath (and why), about how the Asgardians have been getting on for the past three hundred years, about how Loki's magic works. I also love Loki in all his contradictions and all his mysteirous feelings he can’t even recognize much less articulate to anyone. And Thor! And all the secondary characters! Also the story is full of PLOT and humor and color. Just very fun.

To Watch the Faraway Stars by [ profile] wllw
Heimdall/Loki, 3k. Post-Ragnarok. Late night vigils, talking around things, a trace of feeling on each side: all the things I love to read about these characters at this point in their history. The characterization is superb. I love this Heimdall, with his quiet wry humor and his grief and his insight into what makes Loki tick—but not everything. Highly recommended.

Something Left to Lose by [ profile] LearnedFoot
Bucky & Rocket, 4k. Post-IW, a slight AU where Bucky lives. I love the quiet friendship they develop, absolutely do not talk about, but both really need.

in stature, grace, and hue by [ profile] scioscribe
Heimdall/Gamora, 3k. This is a gorgeously in-character fic with a simple premise: what if Heimdall saw Gamora across the stars, and was intrigued? I'm a sucker for a good Heimdall POV, and he's wonderful here, with human vulnerabilities and a sense of humor, but everyone else is wonderful, too: Thor and Loki, the Guardians, and Gamora herself. It's a great ship manifesto if you think you might be even a little bit interested in this pairing.

a strange circumstance by [ profile] daisy4daisy
Heimdall/Thor, 4k. In which Heimdall's eye catches on a strapping young hooker, and the hooker looks back. A fascinating AU with a lot of mysterious backstory and some excellent sex. I am REALLY HERE for a Thor that just really wants to be worthy. <3__<3

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