March 14th, 2019

S4, Buffy desert, ep restless

The Terror recs #2

ART: Jopson/Little angsty embrace by [ profile] goodsir-is-such-a-good-boy
SFW. I love all this artist's stuff. Lovely colors and textures.

Mile 704 by [ profile] scioscribe
Crozier/Fitzjames, 2k. Rescue has reached them, but recovery is a slow and halting thing. This is a turning point in their relationship, hence the title, but it is a very quiet one. I really like the perspective of Crozier here, and how his feelings for James have rubbed up against his ethics and won.

So Loves Oblique by [ profile] PasdeChameau
Fitzjames/Sophia, 2k. James lives, and returns to London. Francis does not. Angsty and up to the hilt in survivor's guilt. Very satisfying fic for a pairing I would never, ever have thought of.

Beyond a Row of Myrtles by [ profile] disenchanted
Gibson/Irving, 3k. Set in the early days stuck in the pack. There's so much delicious tension here, between Irving and Gibson, between Irving and his morals, and it all feels of a piece with the inexorable pressure of the ice (author's simile, not mine). I love Gibson's extremely pragmatic perspective, which makes him a great contrast with Irving but also with his choice of reading materials, which are mostly Milton and Dante.

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