April 1st, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

Multifandom Drabble

MFD ran an early round this year! I didn't sign up, but I did write this fic:
Upgrades - Captain Marvel, Carol/Maria, tentacles. :D

I've now read through all the MCU drabbles (and double/triple drabbles, and drabble series), so have some recs!

Care by syrupwit - Mantis & Nebula
i, warrior by humanveil - Valkyrie and her uniform <3
Spark by lionessvalenti - Tony & Nebula
Past is Prologue by dreamkist - Maya Hansen/Pepper/Tony
i know your pieces (i broke them apart) by humanveil - Gamora & Nebula
The Most Important Ship in the Universe by LearnedFoot - Tony & Nebula
I don't think that was the second star to the right by Unforgotten - Thor/Narnia crossover
No Message in a Bottle by Hecate - Gamora & Nebula

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