May 4th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

The Epic Mpreg Recs List

If you have known me in fandom for more than five minutes, you probaby know that I fucking love mpreg. This recs list of 38 fics (and two art pieces) are a selection of my favorites from a decade of reading the trope across many, many millions of words, but they're just a fraction of all that I've enjoyed; check out my recs tag and my mpreg tag for more.

This list is definitely weighted towards the kinds of things I like best about or in conjuction with the trope. I made a list of those things below so you'd know what you're in for. I mostly haven't included warnings for the fics, so please check the tags. I've sorted the fics into categories that seemed to fit; some of the categories are pretty idiosyncratic, as is the sorting. I've also made a lot of personal annotations that may or may not help anyone decide whether or not they want to read the fic. Basically this is a list with an intended audience of me, except I'm the one who made it.

In other words: I had a lot of fun making this recs list, and I hope you find some entertainment while reading it.

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Later additions

Because I will probably never stop reading mpreg, and I wanted to keep adding to the list without making people hunt around for the new stuff.

the thoroughbred, the hummingbird by [ profile] seinmit
MCU, Steve/Bucky (but mostly Bucky), 10k. Bucky escapes HYDRA, and it takes him a lot time to realize he brought something with him. This is a story about Bucky rediscovering personhood by spending a lot of time with horses, and it is also a big glorious metaphor of Bucky as a broodmare. I love the poetic writing in this and the deliberate, patient pace of the storytelling, and I fucking adore the big glorious metaphor.

With You and Without You by [ profile] StormyDaze
MCU, Steve/Bucky, 2k. Steve and Bucky both fall off the train; much later, it's Steve's HYDRA pregnancy that prompts the Winter Soldier to break them both out. This hits my "rescuing a pregnant person in peril" kinks so hard, especially combined with them both breaking out of their HYDRA conditioning.

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