May 7th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

fics I've written, with a Lot of Thoughts about one of them

Seasons Changing - Captain Marvel, Carol/Yon-Rogg heat sex, 2k. I wrote this in one sitting and am pretty happy with how it turned out. I hope to write more of this pairing at some point. I've got like 500 words of a soulbonding AU that I'd really like to write more of.

Offsite Assignment - Captain America, Steve/Sharon, werewolf mpreg, 19k. NINETEEN K. This is my Unusual Bearings fic, and ho boy did it get away from me. I went into the exchange expecting to write a lot of words on my assigment and probably not write any treats, and I WAS CORRECT.

I was assigned [personal profile] lucifuge5, whose likes included "WEREWOLVES!!" so I started thinking about which of their many excellent requested pairings I most wanted to write a werewolf AU for. The premise fell in my lap pretty much fully formed: Pregnant werewolf Steve needs someone to keep an eye on him while the rest of the Avengers are on a mission, and they bring Sharon Carter in to do it. Girl Saves Pregnant Boy is like my VERY FAVORITE GENRE, and I so enjoyed getting to play in it - to the extent of 19k in a month, lol. It was a very intense month, and I'm still correcting typos as I glance through the fic again.

I didn't actually ship Steve and Sharon before the fic; I've always liked Steve, but I just sort of had vaguely fond feelings about Sharon because I really enjoy Emily Vancamp. (Blessings to [personal profile] lionessvalenti who DMed me lots of photos of Emily looking hot while I was stuck in the middle of the sex scene.) But I think I probably ship them now?? I love that she's clearly one of SHIELD's top agents, since she's given Steve as an assignment, and as I was writing the fic, I realized just how much she's gone through in the space of two movies: realizing her beloved aunt's life's work is actually a HYDRA tool, losing her dream job, then losing her aunt. And while Steve doesn't have the same longtime associations with SHIELD that she has, he was finding his life's purpose in it for a while. So I really enjoyed thinking about them just kind of mulling over that stuff together.

The SHIELD connection was one of several elements that I introduced in the fic that then ended up being more a point of connection between them and a backdrop for the main action (which tbh was the romance + light plot at the end) rather than a theme on its own. A related element was Sharon's ongoing sense of instability in her new role at the CIA, due to being both from a different security agency and from the security agency that was just recently revealed to be full of the enemy. I... didn't exactly take that anywhere? It's just there, in the background. IDK.

Another background element that I really liked: that Steve is werewolf at all because the serum involved werewolf blood. This means that werewolf things still feel pretty foreign to him, and he has an even stronger sense of displacement than in canon, because he's never really had the time to get used to his new werewolf reality and identity. Poor dude. The fic didn't try to resolve this, really at all; it's definitely something that Steve should deal with down the road.

Meanwhile, we have the foreground element of Steve getting a little tired of the superheroing life and maybe wanting some things that don't fit with the superhero lifestyle very well, at least the way he's lived it up to this point. I liked this theme but don't feel like I totally sold it? Like, there's a Significant Moment at the end involving symbolic tomato plants that I don't think I quite earned. (I got SUPER ATTACHED to those tomato plants, though; there was no way I could just leave that thread hanging.)

Anyway, I got to write a whole bunch about Steve being pensive and pregnant in the countryside and Sharon being competent and determined to make up for that time a sniper shot her boss in Steve's apartment. There's dramatics at the end involving bad guys. There's 2000 words of pregnant sex, which I always want to write in my mpreg fics but somehow almost never have?? I'm really proud of that sex scene, you guys. The fic definitely has flaws that come from writing 19k in a month and then having two days to edit, but overall I'm really happy with it.

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