June 22nd, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

video games played

I'm not usually much of a gamer; I tell people that I have enough obsessions already without adding a whole new medium. But I got a miserable cold two weeks ago and am still not fully recovered, and video games have had exactly the degree of engagement I've needed without actually requiring any energy.

I don't actually know very much about video games, though - my most recent gaming-specific device is a Game Boy Color, which I still play occasionally - so I may be misusing some of the jargon below.

Long Live the Queen. This is a... text game, I guess? Where you educate this young queen-to-be by telling her what classes to take, and story happens depending on the choices you've made. I got this ages ago because someone was requesting femslash for Yuletide. I can't say I got any ships out of it, but it's kind of addictive, with tons of different story outcomes I haven't hit yet (partly because I persist in making a lot of the same choices every time even though that is very much not the point!). I did win once, though - which means I got Elodie all the way to her coronation, alive - which I am quite pleased with.

The Last Door (episodes 1-4). A pixel art point-and-click mystery game with a strong Lovecraftian vibe, set in the UK in Victorian times. I very much enjoyed the art and I liked the first episode a lot, but as the story progressed, the worldbuilding became increasingly incoherent. The climax of episode 3 was just pure silliness, with no thematic resonance with the imagery that had been built up before, which IMO is deadly when coherence of imagery is the only logic tying any of your plot together. I probably will not continue.

Rusty Lake Hotel. A point-and-click puzzle game where the objective is to murder various anthropomorphized animals (dressed in waistcoats) in fairly gory ways in order to serve them to the other hotel guests, an objective which was not at all clear to me from the game description. I quite liked the puzzle aspect, but the combo of surreality and violence really did not do anything for me. I probably won't continue this series, either.

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