June 23rd, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

various fannish musings

* [archiveofourown.org profile] destinationtoast just posted a big collection of AO3 femslash stats, with a link to a similar collection of stats from 2016. I'm always a sucker for stats, so of course I love these.

* I've completed three exchanges this year. In Chocolate Box, I wrote an assignment I was very happy with and also three treats. In Unusual Bearings and Marvel Femslash, I wrote a fairly long fic for each of my assignments (and also wrote an insubstantial last-min treat for Marvel Femslash, but that's kind of beside the point). My experiences here have some things in common: I'm really happy with how all three exchanges went, and I put a LOT of work into all three exchanges, although that work wasn't always distributed in the same way. But as a result, those exchanges all wore me out, and it was a very good thing there was lots of time between them!

Back in my 2018 year-end post, one of my goals for 2019 was "DO FEWER EXCHANGES and write more treats in the ones I do sign up for." But I don't think just writing treats is the answer; the answer is that I like to have a few exchanges that I make into big events. This is why "You only have to write 1000 words!" is a lie. I don't want to write just 1000 words! I'm not happy if I only write 1000 words! In fact I often find exchanges where I'm only trying to do the minimum way more stressful than exchanges where I'm all in. I can't do them by half-measures, I guess.

Meanwhile, I've defaulted on one exchange this year that was going to be exactly that kind of "Just do the minimum, self!!" exchange, and I've signed up and then deleted my signups for several more. Currently I'm signed up for two: Multifandom Drabble, which I might actually manage to write only the one drabble for and feel fine abou) and Just Married, which I think I might also feel okay about just writing the one assignment, which shouldn't be extremely long. I'm considering AUex, but otherwise my big exchange plan for the second half of the year is Trick or Treat, which is months away.

So going forward, again, I need to plan on doing a handful of exchanges and putting a lot into each one. Self-knowledge, right?

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