June 25th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7


As a follow-up on yesterday's stats post about explicit fic in the MCU, I went and dug up info about all the most popular MCU OT3s/threesomes. Unlike yesterday's, these numbers aren't filtered for otp:true, because a lot of A/B/C fics are also tagged with A/B or B/C or sometimes all three pairings, in addition to being tagged A/B/C, and I didn't want to lose those. So these are just the total works for the ships.

Even with that in mind, wow, people are a LOT more likely to write porn for these than for your average two-person ship.

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That is a lot of ships that are over 40% porn! Loki/Steve/Tony takes the cake, with a whopping 58%, but it's a pretty small ship; for ships with over 100 fics, Steve/Bucky/Rumlow wins, probably unsurprisingly. On the other end of things, wow, Tony/Pepper/Strange and Clint/Laura/Nat.

Honestly, I was mostly curious about what the big OT3s were in the first place. A LOT of Bucky/Steve/third ships, unsurprisingly. I'm kind of interested in both Tony/Pepper/Rhodey and Tony/Pepper/Bruce and will probably go investigate those. *eyes*

PLEASE NOTE that it is extremely likely I've missed some ships that have enough fics to be in that list. There's no good process for finding ships of three or more people on AO3; I basically messed around a lot with exclusions + the "Threesome" tag. I would love suggestions for other ships that have at least 30 fics!

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