July 2nd, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

The Art of Captain Marvel: Hala

I’ve been working my way through The Art of Captain Marvel, the big coffee table art book with text by Eleni Roussos, and oh my gosh you guys, it is CHOCK FULL of incredible design and worldbuilding detail, and a lot of great character commentary as well. I’m not going to take this as canon, because to me canon is what’s in the text and only that, but boy this book fills in a lot of holes in terms of what Kree culture is like, who the Starforce team is and how the members interact with each other, Skrull cultural aesthetic and design principles, and other goodies, and I will definitely be adopting a bunch of it into my personal headcanon immediately (and then discard everything I don’t want, lol).

I’ve taken a few photos and transcribed a bunch of text, and I’m going to be spreading it out over a couple of posts, with some commentary, because I can’t help myself. Apologies for the glare on the photos.

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