July 21st, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

AO3 fic annually by kudos

From [personal profile] owlmoose: "List your top fanfic on AO3 for every year, sorted by kudos."

2008: What Became of Marie La Fleur - Beauty and the Beast (1991), Belle + green sister friendship fic, in drabbles, written for my first Yuletide. This was one of those fics that win Yuletide, a feat I've never managed to repeat.

2009: Three Christmases with Miss Honey - Matilda by Roald Dahl, also for Yuletide, and my second most popular Yuletide fic ever.

2010: Little Red and the Big Bad - BtVS, Spike/Willow, written for [personal profile] rahirah, I think? The popularity of this one has always befuddled me; apparently there are way more Spike/Willow shippers out there than I realized.

2011: The Very Small Girl and the Monster - BtVS/Firefly crossover, River+Spike, written for [personal profile] lirazel.

2012: What Should Really, Really Never Be - SPN, gen-ish a/b/o fic set during the extremely meta 6.15 "French Mistake" episode, written as an anonymous serial for the SPN anon meme. Was my most-kudosed non-hockey fic for a number of years.

2013: Best Thing Going - SPN, Meg/Castiel 8.17 fix-it fic. Aww, it makes me happy that this is so high up.

2014: Base Notes - hockey RPF, Sid/Geno a/b/o. My first hockey fic and my most kudosed, even though I've written quite a lot of it since then. Written for [personal profile] downjune for Not Prime Time.

2015: Make Yourself at Home - hockey RPF, Sid/Geno bowerbird AU. Written for the first round of the S/G exchange.

2016: objects in the mirror - Stranger Things, Steve/Nancy/Jonathan. Written for Yuletide four months after the season came out, apparently cementing its place in the kudos standings forever.

2017: Thaw - hockey RPF, Sid/Geno low-key angst. Written for a round of Pens Monthly.

2018: Liminal - hockey RPF, Sid/Geno angsty horror-ish thing (with happy ending!). Written for the fourth round of the S/G exchange.

So far this year my most popular fic by a mile is an original works fic I wrote in a weekend - isn't that always how it goes? But I'll hold off on that for now and see what else the year brings.

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