July 27th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

Fic: various MCU

I've been writing things!

Clean Slant of Light
Thor/Heimdall, 1300 words. This is an extremely moody post-Ragnarok fic full of feeeelings about a blowjob by a roadside in the New Mexico desert, and I am really, really happy with it. I hadn't written any Thor/Heimdall in like a year, and it was time.

in the blue dark, waiting
Valkyrie, Thor, Hela gen, 300 words. Post-Ragnarok, kind of horror? Written for the Writing Rainbow: Blue flash exchange, where the title had to include the word blue. I'm not convinced the causal link between the first two drabbles and the last one is as clear as it needed to be, and tbh none of the drabbles are quite as razor-sharp as I wanted, but these things happen in flash exchanges.

The Sex Pollen Aftermath Blues
Nat/Tony, 900 words, mpreg. Also written for Writing Rainbow: Blue. I have avoided writing Tony forever because he intimidates the hell out of me, but it turns out mpreg is the carrot I need to write almost anything. I know you are all shocked. Anyway I'm moderately happy with how this turned out, and very pleased with the reception.

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