August 1st, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

MCU recs #12

Another couple of weeks worth of MCU recs. Most of these have come from the recent spate of flash exchanges, which have been amazing for MCU fic. Also a lot of these were written for me. >.> Enjoy.

VID: Problem by Talitha78
Steve/Bucky circa TWS, with Bucky as Steve's problem girlfriend. :D :D :D

ART: Carol/Maria on a motorcycle by [ profile] shipsicle - SFW

the thoroughbred, the hummingbird by [ profile] seinmit
Steve/Bucky, 10k. Bucky has life grow around him, in the bluegrass, the bellies of the broodmares, and his own unruly body. Post-TWS, Bucky rediscovers himself, takes care of horses, and eventually realizes he has more in common with them than he thought. I'm a sucker of the entire "Bucky relearns to be a person" genre, but in addition this has a really rich prose style and also mpreg, aka my fave, which it explores via a fic-long extended metaphor that I was super into. Includes a teaser for the next fic in the series (not yet written), so skip the "post-credit epilogue" if you don't want a cliffhanger.

Not Malignant by [ profile] tuesday
Stephen Strange/Wong, 2k. Stephen gets a magical pregnancy and then, much to his surprise, a relationship. This is low-key and sweet. I love all the small details of Stephen's pregnancy (his feelings about chairs are a highlight), and I also really enjoyed his friendship with Christine.

Blue Light Special by [ profile] Sholio
Stephen Strange + Wong, 1k. In which Stephen discovers he has a rooftop garden and finds some peace there. This is sweet and quiet and lovely. I've discovered a weakness for gardens as therapy, and this is such a nice example, as Stephen brings his back to life one unmagical bag of fertilizer at a time.

there's nothing but blue skies by [ profile] Meatball42
Steve/Tony, 600 words. Steve and Tony are stuck in a time loop in the Savage Lands, but only Tony knows about the time loop part. Brutally angsty. :D

Blueborn (Or: on how Loki, Crown Prince of Asgard, once again secured all your futures through humility and brilliant foresight. Attendance mandatory.) by [ profile] Unforgotten
Thor/Heimdall, 1k. Thor needs to get married. Thankfully, Heimdall's willing. And then they produced an heir together. :') This is very sweet, and Loki kind of steals the show, even though he's barely in it.

Blues Skies for Miles by [ profile] Sholio
Bereet/Nebula/Gamora, 2k. "We will never speak to the others of this," was the first coherent thing that Bereet heard, rasped in a growly voice from the scary blue lady. Bereet's first mating heat hits at a very inconvenient time; this fic is the aftermath. I am SO DELIGHTED fic for this ship exists, and this is so lovely. ;___; I love all the little character notes, and I am in awe of how sexy this fic is, considering it has no sex in it.

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