August 23rd, 2019

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Marvel Art Books are Great (and Here's How to Find Them)

I have recently realized just how useful Marvel's art books, released along with the movies, are for me as a fic writer. For one, sometimes they have layouts of locations and close-ups of details. For another, the text is usually chock-full of worldbuilding information from the design team. The Captain Marvel art book was an absolute gold mine. I got so much out cool info out of it that I made a post series about it.

Since then I've referred to several other art books in the process of working on fic, and it occurred to me other people might like info on what books are out there and how to find copies. This post is focused on the cosmic MCU, but as far as I know, every single MCU movie has had an accompanying art book, and all but the very earliest have been subtitled "The Art of the Movie."

The thing is, art books are a) expensive and b) limited runs, so accessing them can be difficult! Here are some various angles to take as you look for a copy of the book you're interested in:

- Buy a hard copy. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, eBay are the obvious places to begin, but smaller online bookstores sometimes have them as well, so check your favorite. Powells and TFAW (my one-stop online comics shop) are two that come to mind. Cost: $35-50 USD when the run is still available; $$$ for books only available from secondary sellers.

- Buy a digital copy. Amazon has Kindle versions for most of the art books, and Barnes & Noble has Nook versions for most of them. Sometimes there will be a Kindle edition but not a Nook edition; you just have to check around. Both Nook and Kindle have apps for viewing. I like the Nook app on my laptop moderately well and haven't tried Kindle yet. (Incidentally, Nook is having a sale on most of these right now.) Cost: $12-15 USD.

- Borrow a hard copy from your library. Definitely worth checking, especially if your library system is a large one!

- Borrow a digital copy from Hoopla, accessed with your library card (if your library system subscribes). Hoopla titles are viewed through your browser. I checked out the GotG vol. 1 art book this way, and Hoopla had me reading it through their comics view, which was okayish, although the "magnify text near cursor" gimmick was obnoxious. Hoopla has a lot of the books but not all of them.

Below the cut, I made a list of titles and links for all the cosmic MCU art books so far (Thor, GotG, IW/Endgame, Captain Marvel), with links to Amazon, B&N, Hoopla, and other sellers I happened to check. Obviously these listings are ephemeral, so in a year the usefulness of this list might be pretty low, but for now here they are.

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