September 5th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

MCU recs #14

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Earth/SHIELD-focused stuff
Within You and Without You by [ profile] StormyDaze
Steve/Bucky, 1.5k. When Bucky falls from the train, Steve goes after him, which means the Russians get two assets; eventually they decide to knock one of them up. I love the details of this canon divergence, from how Steve gets altered to how Bucky and Steve still cling to each other when neither even remembers the other's name, and of course I love the mpreg. This fic packs a lot of punch in not very many words.

Merry Russian Christmas by [ profile] scribblemyname
Maria + Nat gen, 1k. When the Black Widow comes in from the cold, Maria takes a bet that she can convince her to stay. I love Maria trying to figure out how to navigate a professional relationship and a friendship with this dangerous new recruit. Low-key and fun.

the push and pull, the balanced edge by [ profile] Visardist
Bucky/Shuri, 2k. This is femdom where Bucky is a happy and obliging member of Shuri's literal harem, which is a concept I would read MANY MORE WORDS OF. I love the implied worldbuilding here, and the porn is also pretty great.

it'll take a better war by [ profile] napricot
Tony/Pepper + ensemble gen, 27k. In the midst of the Accords conflict, Tony blurts out a lie to Steve for no good reason whatsoever, and in the process of buying himself time to dig out of that hole, he accidentally cuts off most of the external Civil War conflict at the knees—which leaves him dealing with all his own personal and internal conflict, of course. Civil War fic that looks at all the characters with compassion is pretty hard to find, and this is just SO satisfying. The Tony/Pepper, Tony+Steve, and Tony+Bucky relationships are all great. Highly, highly recommended. If you only read one fic related to Civil War, I'd suggest this one.

ART: Steve Rogers Says "Fuck" monthly comic panel, by [ profile] little_wolf82. Here's August and September. I am delighted.

Craving Me Like a Honey Plum by [ profile] madeinessos
Carol/Minn-Erva, 3k. Pre-movie, Vers and Minn-Erva encounter each other over a midnight snack. This is a slightly gentler interpretation of Minn-Erva than I think the norm is, with an intriguing backstory for her and lots of neat worldbuilding detail.

Want by [ profile] LearnedFoot
Gamora/Nebula, 1.5k. This is half about their fraught relationship through the years, half Nebula character study. I really love this interpretation of their youthful sexual relationship, and there are some killer lines throughout. Nebula. ;_;

100 words of undercover as slave and master by anon
One-shot, Gamora/Nebula. If they're going to convince the mark that Gamora's for sale, Nebula is going to have to show off the goods. One of my favorite types of Gamora/Nebula fic is "situation calls for weird dubconny sex that smacks them in the face with all their issues," and this absolutely delivers. Hot as hell and full of delicious chewy character stuff.

Gestalt by [ profile] seinmit
Strange/Christine, 4k. Christine drops by with goodies and gossip; Stephen takes her on a little tour of the universe. This is such a neat journey through what Strange's day-to-day might look like. I love all the psychedelia and the metaphorical way Strange thinks about the universe. And then there's weird kinky magical sex! A delight all around.

pluck the vibrating strings of fate by [ profile] labocat
Strange + Tony gen, 800 words. After Endgame, Stephen has a ghost. Short but delightful, as Tony commentates on magic, Stephen grumps at him for it, and they maybe make some progress towards making Tony not a ghost anymore.

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