September 9th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? by Billie Eilish

I get really self-conscious talking about music, because for whatever reason, musical taste is one of the rare things that even we in fandom seem to have no trouble judging other people for. I don't even know what Nickleback sounds like and I am automatically defensive of Nickleback fans at this point. (You can't tell me they don't have fans, because somebody's funding their ongoing career. Wikipedia tells me they're coming out with their tenth studio album this year.) My tastes are in no way sophisticated or informed; they are literally just a descriptor of "stuff I like." Usually I can't even describe what I like, however useful that would be; I operate on a strict "I know it when I hear it" basis.

That aside, it's not that often that I really fall in love with a body of musical work, so that I actually have something to say about it. A single song, yes, but an entire album, or multiple songs by one artist, that I am absolutely head over heels for as opposed to just listening to for a week or two? Very, very rarely.

However! I think people talking about stuff they like, even if they don't know very much about it, is generally a good thing in the world, and also I have so many feelings about Billie Eilish's first full-length (? is that even what we call it?) studio album right now that they have to go somewhere, so here we are.

So: if you don't pay much attention to popular music, Billie Eilish is a 17-year-old (!) girl from LA who built up some buzz over the past couple of years and then, about five months ago, released the album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? (link to YouTube playlist). The songs were co-written with her older brother Finneas O'Connell, who also produced them. Among other things, Eilish has become known for a breathy/whispery singing style, edgy/emo lyrics, dark and disturbing imagery in her music videos, and an almost aggressively non-sexualized personal image. She also recently revealed that she suffers from Tourette's syndrome, after someone released a video compilation of a bunch of her physical tics, because that is the world we live in.

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