September 19th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

MCU recs post #15

Thursday recs! There's somehow way more Tony here than normal. Don't forget that you can always browse all my previous recs at my pinboard, here

ART: Tony/Strange kiss by [ profile] badjura - SFW. I love the expressions.

ART: Valkyrie on the battlefield, haunted by ghosts by [ profile] poxei - SFW. Great concept, gorgeous execution.

ART: Loki welcomes Thor into Valhalla by [ profile] duyeqing. SFW. Beautiful digital painting. (Hover over with cursor to see in color.)

VID: In the Bullpen by [personal profile] caramarie
Natasha in Avengers 1. Nifty editing, great song choice.

Purple BMWs and Other Failed Sugar Daddy Attempts by [ profile] tuesday
Tony/Rhodey, 2k. Tony keeps trying to buy his way into Rhodey's affections. This is very sweet, and I was as unprepared for the final reveal as Tony was.

In a Name by [ profile] tuesday
Ho Yinsen + Tony gen, 3k. Yinsen survives the cave, too, and Tony survives in worse shape than in canon, which sends both of them on a brand-new trajectory. I am a huge sucker for high-concept canon divergence AUs, and this is great, while also being mostly about Yinsen's own grief and trauma. Great stuff.

Imprint by [ profile] downjune
Tony + Nebula gen, 2k. Tony and Nebula take the long way home to Earth, and meanwhile Tony is pregnant, somehow. I love the Tony+Nebula relationship in this, I love Tony's perspective on all Nebula's trauma, and of course I love the weird, weird infinity gem pregnancy, which comes with glowing and dreamsharing and who knows what else.

All Fucked Up and No Place to Go by [ profile] scioscribe
Peter/Drax/Gamora, 3k. Peter Quill is the only omega in all of space. It sucks. YAY this is fic for my "humans are a/b/o and other species are not, and this sucks for Quill" prompt. This was all just great, with such a great combo of h/c and sexiness and shippy feelings and team feels.

A Zailor in the Making by [ profile] sholio
GotG gen, 2k. All Peter wanted was a way out of disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies. This is the GotG crew in a Fallen London/Sunless Sea setting, and it's delightful. The main fun for me is just seeing what part of this new world each of them belongs to. My very favorite might be the last bit, when they're in Polythreme.

The Blue Planet by [ profile] aurilly
Bucky/Loki, 6k. Bucky gets hit with sex pollen during a mission fighting space monsters with Loki. Unfortunately, Loki doesn't immediately realize that's what's happening. Pining and misunderstandings and uncomfortable sex-pollen sex, oh my! Sex pollen that comes with FEEEEELINGS, my favorite. :D

A Function of Time by [ profile] scioscribe
Thor/Heimdall, 4k. Heimdall is Asgard's ancient AI, but his place in Asgard is changing as Asgard flees its home. I love the worldbulding in this—Heimdall's limited memory, the ways external memory was stored in Asgard—and I love what that worldbuilding means for Heimdall personally, and how he views the world. Also Thor here is wonderful. <3

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