September 26th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

Thursday recs: classic SF

Today's theme is Stuff Relating to Classic Science Fiction. Woo!

Instrumentality of Mankind - Cordwainer Smith
To Take Arms Against the Purple Sea by [ profile] weakinteraction
OC gen, 3.5k. One of the Instramentality's most trusted Subchiefs goes undercover as an Underperson on a water world to investigate research misdeeds there. This is a delightful original tale that fits seamlessly into Smith's universe and really captures his grandiose sense of scale and the remote, long-range, horrific logic his Instramentality operates on. Very satisfying.

Star Trek: The Original Series
Matchmaker of Mars by [ profile] Edonohana
T'Pring/Nyota Uhura, 3k. John W. Campbell accidentally matchmakes T'Pring and Uhura. This is a 30s SF author AU, and I am so utterly charmed by the specificity of that AU. It features excerpts of the two would-be authors' prose, a sweet low-key romance a number of run-ins with RL editor John W. Campbell, amply illustrating why the award that has borne his name for years no longer does so. Very cute.

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