October 17th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

MCU recs #16

Time for Thursday recs! We have another round of MCU recs this week.

ART: painting of Minn-Erva by [twitter.com profile] PapurrCat - gorgeous bust portrait, SFW.

and I've loved in shades of wrong by [archiveofourown.org profile] ginnyweasleys
Valkyrie/Loki, 6k. Sparring leads to fucking; after the first couple of times it happens, Loki's feelings start to get more complicated. I liked their dynamic here, and the sex is 🔥.

Young Buck by [archiveofourown.org profile] downjune
Bucky/Bucky, 3k. Steve sends a Bucky to the future who's fresh off the train, broken arm and all; somehow it's up to the Bucky of the present to settle him in. I LOVE seeing present!Bucky's perspective of his past self, and how he's figured some things out now that his younger self hasn't, while they're equally fucked up in other ways. And then instead of talking any of that out, they fuck. Delicious.

my orange space shuttle flyin' two seats by [archiveofourown.org profile] seinmit
Bucky/Loki, 4k. Bucky and Loki, misson parners, are trapped alone on an escape pod that then doses them with sex pollen in an attempt to be helpful. I love the dynamic between them, like how adept Bucky is at ~handling Loki, but how much genuine feeling there is between them, too. And also there's some grade-A xeno when they get around to taking their clothes off. I definitely need more "Asgardians' junk is WEIRD" in my life.

Scars Beneath the Skin by [archiveofourown.org profile] Sholio
Nebula + Tony gen, 8k. Nebula wants to show off her new space ship to Tony, except then he has a medical emergency, and they can't get back to civilization to help him. Some great h/c combined with more of this unlikely yet very sincere friendship. Nebula's perspective of the situation is a mix of delightful and sad, and Tony's occasional commentary on the "horrifying implications" of her off-hand revelations about her life are really great.

Flesh and Blood by [archiveofourown.org profile] Sholio
Peggy Carter + Nebula gen, 1k. A blue woman walks in out of the desert and becomes the SSR's problem – or, more specifically, Peggy's problem. This is just a really sweet, quiet series of encounters between characters I'd never pictured meeting each other. Peggy's pragmaticism and aggressive commitment to treating people well is so good for Nebula, I feel.

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Anya final stand, S7

various exchange news

[community profile] buffyversetop5 is having their annual recstravaganza starting October 25. Looks like recs for both old and new fanworks are welcome! This event has literally been around fandom longer than I have, and I'm glad to see it still going. <3

[community profile] holly_poly noms are open. I had a brief, ridiculous impulse to sign up, before I remembered that I seem incapable of writing more than 150 words at a time rn, but there are some very tasty poly ships in there! I have a ton of MCU OT3s I keep requesting but not getting, and since I really don't think I can do this, I plan to request them all for Chocolate Box next year.

Speaking of exchanges, I had a period where I thought I was going to sign up for YT after insisting for months that I wasn't, and I nommed a bunch of things and made my list of possible requests, and now I'm back to thinking maybe I won't. The prospect of having an assignment is exhausting, and there's no one thing I want to request, much less three things, that is tempting me enough to sign up. I regularly change my mind on a dime about these things, though, so who knows.

ALSO I am running an MCU cosmic rare ships exchange, with noms opening in the beginning of November. More details forthcoming; I'll announce it here, but you can also subscribe to [community profile] mcu_spaceships if you're interested.

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