October 24th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

fic rec: Good Omens

It's Thursday! I'm not entirely sure what I've been up to in the past week, but it wasn't reading fic, so my offerings are limited today. With the caveat that I last read the book fifteen years ago and haven't seen the series at all, have a Good Omensfic rec:

Good Omens (TV)
Demonology and the Tri-Phasic Model of Trauma: An Integrative Approach by [archiveofourown.org profile] Nnm
99k, Crowley/Aziraphale, outsider POV. What Aubrey Thyme, a professional, thought, upon first seeing her new client was: you’re going to be a fun one, aren’t you? This is full of FEELINGS and also lots of therapy. So much therapy. I found it a fun, iddy read, and I enjoyed our POV character a lot.

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