November 2nd, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

Trick or Treat recs!

I have spent most of my free time in the last couple of days swimming around in the Trick or Treat collection, which has been a glorious experience. I always forget just how much I love reading in a big collection with strong (though not universal) themes of the melancholy and macabre.

First, my two lovely gifts:
An Enchantment of Ravens - Margaret Rogerson
green around the circle's edge. Isobel/Lark, 700 words. Isobel is a queen. Lark is ... something. Post-book character study of Isobel trying to be queen of the fairies while dealing with one deceptively child-like fairy in particular and seeing another, dead fairy in her dreams. A lot of intriguing hints for future developments in this one.

Wolves of Ice.
Thor+Loki gen, 2700 words. It walks the dark halls of the ship, they say. It is larger than a bilgesnipe, but it is not a bilgesnipe. It is cold as ice. Its claws clatter on the metal decking and leave frost in their wake. Its eyes glow in the dark. Really lovely post-Ragnarok fic about a half-seen specter, and also about Loki and Thor's relationship with him. Neat worldbuilding, beautiful character notes.

And now onto other gems discovered in the collection! First up:

I'd climb that like a funicular - Deux Ex, SFW. Gorgeous digital painting. I love the colors in this.
Today We Fly - Assassin's Creed, SFW. Same artist as above, with equally impressive colors and even better lighting. I love the whole mood of this.
The Job - Mission Impossible, Luther Stickell/Ethan Hunt, SFW. A minimalist piece with a lot of intimacy in it.
Favourite Haunt - Original Work, SFW. GHOST CAT TAKES A GHOST CAT NAP. <3 <3 <3
Dogs Make Everything Better - IT movies, SFW. Doggie cuddles in times of distress. <3

Candle Cove
There Are (No) Strings on Me.
Gen, 400 words. An absolutely pitch-perfect, deliciously macabre follow-up to the original creepypasta. This is part of why I love ToT - sometimes the best horror is bite-sized.

Black Swan (2010)
Black and White and Red All Over
Lily/Nina, 1700 words. Lily has trouble taking on the role of the White Swan. Post-canon + a missing scene that is hot af. As twisty and surreal as the original.

Lily/Nina, 2100 words. Nina Sayers is a horror show. This takes all the horror transformation imagery of the canon and then leans into it even harder, while also being super hot. "Sexy Body Horror," indeed.

The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula Le Guin
No Solace
Genly Ai + Estraven's family gen, 900 words. This is a beautiful little post-canon story of Genly Ai visiting Estraven's home hearth, and I'm really impressed with how well it captures the voice and rhythm of the novel. Also it's a little bit of a ghost story. Just lovely.

Ready or Not (2019)
Welcome to the Family
Grace/Alex, 1200 words. Grace pulled a card. It was chess. A story of what might have been, and how that wouldn't necessarily have been a happier ending. I felt so much for Grace, who wants so badly to be closer to Alex's family and who keeps getting stymied by Alex himself, who's still got all his canon ambivalence.

Another Goat
Alex, 600 words. A perfectly chilling character study of Alex, with a pleasingly elegant extended metaphor.

Original Work
The Lessons of the Tree
Gen, 1200 words. The cherry sapling was planted on a fresh spring morning, on top of an unmarked grave. This is from the POV of the impressionable young tree, being taught life lessons by ghosts. The progression feels so natural, and the ending is perfect.

Tentacle monster/unfortunate male victim, 2400 words. And now for something completely different, lol. This is delightful: a second-person POV fic about a tentacle monster, desperate to find someone to lay its eggs in, who stumbles across a hapless human. Perfect! The voice and alien perspective in this is just really fun, and I especially enjoyed how careful and possessive our tentacle monster is of her fragile newfound human. Mind the tags, obviously.

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