November 13th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

Thursday recs: MCU fanart

(Hey, it's Thursday somewhere, right?) This week was going to be a full MCU post, and then I realized more than half my recs were fanart, and I decided to just go ahead and go with that theme. So, enjoy!

ART: All hail the new King of Asgard, long may she reign. by [ profile] pineapplebread - SFW, really cool Art Deco rendition of Val on her pegasus. 😊

ART: Shuri portrait by [ profile] muffinshark - SFW, gorgeous portrait of Shuri. I love all the detailing!

ART: get it ms carter by [ profile] kelslk-atnight - NSFW, Steve/Peggy sweet femdom. I am so into everything about this.

ART: big blue meanies by [ profile] shallowvenus - SFW, v cute Nebula and Minn-Erva. This artist also has a ton of other f/f-themed art in a range of styles, with a lot of Minn-Erva and Maria Hill love in particular.

ART: Marvel women & Costumes pt 1 by [ profile] persehpone - NSFW for paper doll women in underwear. PAPER DOLLS. Carol Danvers, Valkyrie, Gamora, Natasha, and Okoye in a variety of outfits. I am SO INTO the wild west AU. 😍

ART: "brother?" by [ profile] Darkellaine - SFW, Loki in Jotun form + Thor. Gorgeous, and Loki's angst just about drips off the screen.

ART: Steve/Bucky inspired by the new What-If clips by [ profile] orientalld - SFW, Steve/What-If!Bucky, with his big beardy look. Mostly clothed and somehow so hot. The fist in the t-shirt!!

ART: "Mindless" by [ profile] quietnighty - NSFW, pre-TFA Steve/Bucky. I love the languid mood in this.

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