November 24th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

December talking meme

On one hand, it seems awkward that we've collectively decided to do this annual blogging meme during a part of the year when everyone in the Western world is super busy and probably not even reading DW for large parts of the month. On the other hand, my holiday plans are a little thin this year, and I'd like the distraction.

This time around, I'm blocking out Thursdays and Saturdays, because those are my weekly reccing and book/movie days, respectively. I've also added a bunch of topics left over from last year.

Anyway: if you'd like me to talk about something fannish, or a question you've always wanted to ask, or a non-fannish interest, or whatever, HMU in comments! If I feel like the question is too personal to answer unlocked, I might ask you to pick a different topic. You can pick a day or leave it to my discretion.

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