November 29th, 2019

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Had a lovely Thanksgiving yesterday with friend Katie from work, her family, and assorted other friends they'd invited. There was fried turkey and pecan pie (Katie is from Georgia) and many deviled eggs, and then we played Codenames and Kupferkessel. An excellent time had by all. And then I talked Katie into seeing Knives Out with me today, woo! It is apparently a house party murder mystery, and I love those.

I had vague ideas of doing a recs post yesterday, but then I was out of the house for eight hours, and surely no one would have been around to read it anyway.

I'm deep in the middle of a Yuletide treat. I was sort of hoping to write one, but hadn't had any particular ideas, and then boy did I have an idea. It's required some research, which I've wanted to TELL EVERYONE ABOUT; I've had to make do with telling it all to [personal profile] seinmit, who's been listening very graciously. I'm at the stage of the creative process where I daydream actual useful dialogue while lying in bed, so after quite a while worrying that this idea was too ambitious to get off the ground, I think we're definitely doing this. Fingers crossed!

Took advantage of Black Friday to replace my ancient third-gen Kindle, which died entirely a couple of weeks ago, with a shiny new waterproof edition. I went back and forth about whether I wanted a Kindle (waterproof! but ugh Amazon) versus a Kobo (not waterproof, but interfaces really well with Overdrive, the library ebook lending system). My love of reading in the bath and my hatred of publishers' totally bullshit treatment of libraries re: ebooks won out.

The December talking meme still has spots open! Also don't forget to sign up for [community profile] in_a_peartree, which I think is going to be really low-key and fun.

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Anya final stand, S7

things read/watched

The Monster of Elendhaven – Jennifer Geisbrecht, another novella in my hunt for stuff to nominate for the Hugos. In a city of dark moods, a man who can’t die and loves killing gets himself a job with a sorcerer. This story was the wrong length. I needed it to either be longer, so I got much more of Johann and Florian and also worldbuilding, or much shorter and more compact, so it didn’t feel like such a tease. I did enjoy what there was, and if you’re looking for dark canon m/m, then Johann and Florian definitely deliver, but I found Florian particularly undeveloped, and even after the story was over I didn’t really understand precisely what his plan was.

IT (2017). I expected a feel-good horror movie about a heartwarming bunch of plucky kids, and that is exactly what I got. There were no surprises here. I really only watched it because I’d heard intriguing things about the next one. That said, the child cast was for the most part very good, excepting the kid playing Eddie, whom I found pretty awkward. OTOH, Jaeden Lieberher (now going by Jaeden Martell, per wikipedia) was absolutely fantastic in the lead role as Bill. That kid’s entire soul is in his eyes. One to watch, IMO. Bill Skarsgard was also good fun as Pennywise.

Speaking of heartwarming, I’m not sure quite what it was, but this was the most bizarrely sentimental film score I have heard in years and years. The rising string section felt completely out of place every time. It honestly felt like something out of the 90s; I double-checked to be sure it wasn’t John Williams. Very Spielbergian.

Knives Out (2019). A famed private detective comes in to investigate the death of a rich family’s elderly patriarch. This was not precisely the house party murder mystery I thought it would be, but it was nonetheless excellent cheesy fun, hilarious, and with a huge heart, because the central character is the patriarch’s caregiver, a sweet young Hispanic woman who’s terrified attention on her will also draw attention to her undocumented mother. I spent the whole movie with my heart in my throat for her. It’s also got a fantastic cast: Daniel Craig as the PI with a Kentucky-flavored accent and excellent comic timing, Christopher Plummer as the deceased patriarch, Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans as the asshole black sheep of the family, and a bunch of other people I didn’t know who nonetheless did a great job. Also, oh hey, Jaeden what's-his-name from IT in a small role.

It also pairs really well, IMO, with Ready or Not from earlier this year: another take on the outsider doing battle with a rich family full of assholes, although the battle here is less literal, and the politics are more racial than about wealth directly. Collapse )

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