December 2nd, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

Posting meme: Old fannish events, etc that I miss

(Talking meme spots still open here)

What old fannish thing(s) do you miss? (ex. an exchange that no longer runs, posting memes nobody does, etc.) for [personal profile] eafay70

Honestly, the one fannish event that I have most regularly pined for was insmallpackages, a possibly somewhat niche double blind winter holiday event where you made a few small requests, the mod would post them, and people would fill them, not even knowing whose requests they were filling. But now we have [community profile] in_a_peartree, which is almost the same thing, and I am so delighted!! I look forward to responding to lots of requests. People have been suggesting it's an alternative [community profile] fandom_stocking, but I've always been the pits at writing things for Fandom Stocking, and have never had any trouble at all filling requests for insmallpackages. Sometimes small structural changes make all the difference!

I also miss how fandom used to be oriented a lot more around a) kinkmemes, and b) fests. For all its faults, I feel like I grew up as a fan on spnkink_meme, and it makes me sad that fandom seems largely to have moved beyond the kinkmeme as a structure. I assume this is largely because of the move away from LJ/DW as platforms in general, which makes sense. And I’m part of the problem, too, because sometimes I go browsing on kinkmemes for fandoms I’m in and I don’t even feel any interest in filling any of the prompts. It’s just not how I think creatively anymore, and I’ve also lost all confidence that anyone will read what I write. If I want anonymity and an audience, I’ll fill a 100 words thread for ffa instead.

I think fests definitely do still exist, largely on tumblr and organized as “weeks” (there’s a Loki/Jane week going on soon, for example), but ugh, tumblr. I find that I mostly write for exchanges now that I’m in MCU fandom, because those are places where I can write fic for my weird rarepairs and not only be pretty sure at least one person will read and like it, but that it will get other eyeballs, too, and not be immediately buried in the tag, never to be seen again. A fest could serve that same purpose and also let me write the things I’ve been wanting to write for myself, because no one else wants them. However, again, fests pretty much happen on tumblr, and I think it’d be pretty difficult to get critical mass for one on DW. [community profile] iddyiddybangbang seems like a close cousin, though, and man, ONE of these years I’m going to actually write something for it.

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