December 5th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

MCU fic recs 17

Thursday recs!

ART: Nakia/Okoye lesbian pulp cover by [ profile] velociraptorerin - SFW and so fucking cool. Also at AO3 here.

ART: Captain Marvel art nouveau by [ profile] sanshodelaine - SFW, love the colors.

VID: "Hustler" by [ profile] Cantrous
Loki, spans Thor 1 through Ragnarok. So many Loki vids take the angst angle, but this is the most fun Loki vid I've ever seen, where he gets to be hot and comedic and badass, and the song choice is great. I've watched it a LOT of times.

Time Share by [ profile] thingswithwings
Valkyrie/Bruce, 12k. After Ragnarok, Val talks the Hulk and Bruce into a truce. I love how much Val and the Hulk just really enjoy each other, and how Val and Bruce build something between them, too, despite not being sure what to make of each other at first. I am absolutely in denial about the final scene.

the side effects that save us by [ profile] napricot
Shuri gen, 32k. After the events of Black Panther, Shuri grieves in her own way, ie via overwork and denial. This is such a careful, empathetic look at Shuri, including how isolated she is in a lot of ways. She gets time with Bucky and Ramonda and T'Challa, and those relationships are all great. Just very satisfying.

5 Broken Things +1 Mended by [ profile] downjune
Steve/Bucky, 6k. After Endgame ends a little differently for Steve, he finds himself losing the effects of the serum, and he and Bucky have to sort out what they're going to do next. I really enjoyed the gentle arc of their relationship into something romantic, back and forth and back, kind of like ripples in water. I also enjoyed the pseudoscience – it rode the line between plausibility and sheer bonkers very well. XD

Unspoken by [ profile] LearnedFoot
Nebula + Rocket gen, 2k. A five times fic about them through the years. I love how their quiet friendship that is bound together with acts instead of words, and the Rocket voice is great.

Graded on a Curve by [ profile] scioscribe
Nebula + Tony gen, 800 words. Tony is dying; Nebula takes drastic measures. The story of Tony becoming progressively more of a cyborg is one I had no idea I wanted, but this GREAT. I love that Nebula knows what to do, and that Tony doesn't even freak out TOO much, because after all this isn't all that new to him. The hurt/comfort aspects are great, and all the little details of artificiality are great. Feels like a much bigger story than its length.

Wolves of Ice by [ profile] Sholio
Thor + Loki gen, 3k. There's an ice-wolf roaming the halls of the refugee ship, and Loki's being squirrely about it. I love the Thor+Loki relationship all throughout this, how fragile it is and how careful Thor is with it, and how he's learned to recognize when there IS no way forward with Loki except wait to wait. The worldbuilding is also SUPER COOL. And there are so many great lines. ;_;

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