December 11th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

Thursday recs: ficlets for horror canons

Crimson Peak
Lingering Flame by [ profile] disgruntled_owl
Edith Cushing/Thomas Sharpe, 800 words. In the dead of night, Edith returns to the McMichael family's ballroom to rediscover a love that cannot be extinguished. A delicious, shivery little ficlet of dancing with ghosts and making very dubious decisions indeed. I don't generally have any feelings about Edith/Thomas on their own, without Lucille, but this gave me some.

The Magnus Archives
with teeth by [ profile] Amber
Jonathan Sims + Gerard Keay, 1k. Jon discovers the hazards of mixing the influences of different powers. LOL this is so horribly plausible. I love Jon's horror that he's fucked things up for yet another person and his further insistence that surely he can help Gerry somehow. Just a great piece of Jon characterization. No spoilers past the S3 finale.

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