December 16th, 2019

Anya final stand, S7

Posting meme: new fandoms in 2019, for reeby10

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What new fannish things have you gotten interested in in 2019? for reeby10
Well, I spent a hot minute in January thinking I was going to be The Terror fandom, after I loved the miniseries. I even wrote like 400 words of a fic that I was excited about, but then my enthusiasm kind of petered out. I wouldn't be surprised if I rewatched again this winter, though, and this time I might actually write a thing or two. It often takes me a year or so of processing a canon before I'm ready to write for it.

I also had a period in February or so where I binged a ton of Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015) fic. What a weird movie that was, in terms of how it weighted its various character relationships; I can definitely see why people shipped a variety of things in it. I got tired pretty fast of generic missions that the writer clearly just wanted as flavor for the character stuff they were actually interested in, but I’d read more fic for it if I ran across it, especially Illya-centric stuff, because I predictably want the giant traumatized Russian assassin dude to get lots of TLC (and also knocked up).

I really loved the French supernatural procedural Black Spot, and I'd still like to write more than one fic for it, but I think maybe I need to rewatch it again and do some more thinking.

I guess Captain Marvel kind of counts as a new fandom also, since the movie is so divorced from the rest of the MCU, and I had a period of being very fannish about that. I have a half-finished Carol/Yon-Rogg fic that I will finish… sometime, and I would like to write some more about them, but my enthusiasms are elsewhere just at the moment.

Otherwise, aside from the MCU stuff I was already into, I feel like I've been expending a lot of fannish energy this year on horror and music. I already wrote a bunch about my year in music, and I've got some horror coming up soon. It feels kind of weird to be fannish about something when I’m not expressing that fannishness via fic production/consumption, but it's definitely the same kind of energy. Also, you can tell I’m getting into something when I am ready to spring recs on people at the slightest provocation, and I am 100% there with horror at this point. 😂

Honestly, that is a lot of new fannish enthusiasms, for me! Exchanges have pushed me to read a little more regularly outside of my fandom in the past few years, but I still tend to be mostly about one fandom, and I just wasn’t this year, even the vast majority of the fic I wrote was in one fandom.

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