December 19th, 2019

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Fic rec: The Wicked Brother, or Winter in the Ironwood, by Lang

I haven't been consuming much in the way of fanwork lately, so instead I'm going to rec this old favorite, which I've just finished rereading and crying over, again.

The Wicked Brother, or Winter in the Ironwood by [ profile] Lang
MCU, Thor/Jotun!Loki, 100k.

When Loki suggested that Jotunheim shelter the Asgardian refugees, he meant to make a bit of mischief, that was all. He meant to humble a certain prideful son of Odin.

He did not expect to return to Jotunheim three hundred years later and find the realm buzzing with talk of New Asgard and its wicked king. He did not expect to have completely, inadvertently destroyed Thor's life. He certainly did not expect to be tasked with helping set that life to rights again.

This is a glorious remix of canon MCU elements. Here, Loki was mistreated by his Jotun father, fostered for a while by Odin for political reasons, then banished - he's had a rough time. And now he finds himself tangled in Asgardian affairs again and having a lot of feelings about his one-time foster brother Thor, now King of Asgard. Loki here is delightful and a hot mess and trying really hard and so full of old pain, and the worldbuilding is wide-ranging and really fun, borrowing liberally from mythology, throwing in assorted Ragnarok elements, and stirring in a few bits of silliness of its very own.

This fic has plot, porn, angst, romance, humor, really cool worldbuilding imagery, child characters I adored, FEELINGS. If you're looking for a good read to settle in with, I absolutely rec this one.

(And then if you've finished and want another, you should read The Prince of the Grotto, Lang's Thor/Loki Blue Castle AU with Revengers ensemble. It is exactly as delightful as you can imagine from that description.)

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