February 9th, 2020

Anya final stand, S7

exchanges and things

[community profile] chocolateboxcomm - I posted a fic! The draft I posted before the deadline BARELY even passed the bus test, but I posted a version today that I'm much happier with. I might like it, even, which is a shock, not because of the prompts (I liked the prompts!!) but because I've been fighting writer's block basically since Christmas and then have had a whole lot of shitty real life fall on my head in the past two weeks. But anyway, maybe now I will try my hand at a treat??

[community profile] genfreeformexchange - I am co-running this! If you've ever wanted a gen exchange that played with all the fun freeform tags that exchanges like Smut Swap do, now's your chance. Noms open TOMORROW.

In other exchange news, I'm trying to decide between doing [community profile] unusual_bearings (weird pregnancy exchange yay!) or [community profile] smut4smut (replacement for Smut Swap, which isn't running this year). At the moment I'm leaning towards the latter, with a signup of Gallaghercest + assorted ridiculous belly kink requests, but we'll see. The alternative is to do neither of those and instead focus solely on stuff I've been wanting to write for myself, aka a bunch of Oasis fic + a Carol/Minn-Erva fic + another MCU femslash fic I've had 2k of for ages. Honestly that'd be the smartest option, but we'll see.

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