February 20th, 2020

Anya final stand, S7

Thursday recs: Chocolate Box!

Chocolate Box happened! I have three fics in the collection, which IMO range from "very obviously written by snick" to "INCREDIBLY fucking obviously written by snick." It's also still happening, a little; author reveals are tomorrow, so I'm squeaking some recs in under the wire. NB that I'm saving the MCU recs until next Thursday.

First, my gifts! I started out with two and then got TWO late treats, and ended up with a gift for each of my fandoms except for the one pie-in-the-sky crossover request. They are all delightful. :))

The Terror: Kasurli - Goodsir & Silna, 700 words. Shortly after drinking the poison, Goodsir wakes up to find himself a) alive and b) soulbonded to Silna. This turns out to be a pretty happy turn of a events. This is just a really lovely fix-it, very sweet. <3

Fallen London: The Forgotten Letter - Player/?, 700 words. An unsent letter, found floating in the zee. This is a brief excursion through the ambiant weirdness of Fallen London, with a hell of a stinger that makes the whole fic.

Oasis RPF: Absolutely Nothing, Probably - Liam/Noel, 900 words. Estwhile drummer Tony McCarroll spends a lot of time convincing himself that he didn't see anything out of the ordinary. I love the outside POV and I like the suggestion that THIS is what really got McCarroll kicked out of the band.

MCU: Discoveries - Heimdall/Loki. Loki wakes up blue and goes to Asgard's gatekeeper (and also his one-time hookup) for answers. This has Loki's Jotun form AND mpreg AND Heimdall as an ancient Asgardian AI; it is basically a soup of intriguing ideas, and is delightful.

And now for gifts for people other than me:
Knives Out: Fairweather Friend, Marta/Ransom, 1k. He asked her to call him Ransom. This is a pre-canon shipfic, which wouldn't have even occurred to me, but I love their dynamic here, how Marta knows he's a bad idea but a good lay, and on balance that latter thing wins out for her.

Knives Out: Blood Like Wine, Linda & Ransom, 3k. Much like wine, blood also leaves something like a hangover and cleanup work to be done after. I LOVE Linda in this. I love her ruthless practicality and her disappointment in how stupid Ransom's choices have been (not necessarily how unethical they were...).

Pern: It's Not Easy Being Green, Mirrim & Menolly, 3k. Mirrim reacts to the unexpected turn her life has just taken. I always enjoy more gen interactions between the female characters of Pern, especially ones that we don't get to see much of together in canon, and I really liked this immediate aftermath of Mirrim impressing a green.

Ready or Not: Tricks Usually Don't Help You in the Game of Hearts, Grace/Daniel, 5k. Grace is not a cheater, but she is willing to bend the rules. Daniel's not even sure what game he's playing. I love the slow burn romance and how fucked up Daniel is and how Grace deals with months of freaking out by quietly making friends with the one person in her past life that made the right choice in the end instead of the wrong one. I LOVE Grace so much in this (as in the movie). She's brave and practical and determined, and I just. <3

Star Wars (Original Trilogy): The Blue Moon of Endor - Han/Luke/Leia, 3k. There wasn’t any way to fit him into what Han and Leia had found together, no matter how much he wanted it. Delicious pining with some bonus sex pollen, in a lovely Endor wilderness setting that I found very appealing.

The Dragon Prince: [ART] pure of heart - Amaya/Janai, SFW. Just two women sitting on a ferocious winged beast, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. I love the colors on this.

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