April 4th, 2020

Anya final stand, S7


Pre-pandemic, I picked up the first two seasons of Justified in a library book sale. I threw up a Twitter poll a few weeks ago about what I should watch, the first episode of Justified got 60%, and now a few weeks later here I am starting S2.

I really enjoyed all of S1; Timothy Olyphant is exactly as pleasant to look at as everyone always said, and Walter Goggins has as much bizarre charisma as everyone always said. (I have already read the one long mpreg fic in the fandom, ty [personal profile] hannah for the rec.)

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My usual spoiler disclaimer applies here: I am a FRAGILE FLOWER when it comes to spoilers, please don't tell me anything! Not even hints! Not even "I'm interested to see how you like so-and-so's upcoming arc"!

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