May 2nd, 2020

Anya final stand, S7

various Oasis things

1. I found that someone is working on an enormous and painstakingly detailed timeline of Oasis's entire history. BLESS YOU, RANDOM FAN for your service to fanficcers everywhere.


2. Noel released a new/old Oasis demo this week, apparently the result of him getting bored during quarantine and cleaning out his closet. It's fine? My favorite Oasis stuff is all a) big and loud and b) sung by Liam, so the Noel-sung mostly-acoustic demos (which is basically all the demos) never do much for me.

However, Liam predictably has had some public feelings about the release, and now this is his pinned tweet:

Zero. Chill.


3. Liam has also been getting bored during quarantine, and this has resulted in... wizard cosplay??

It turns out the hat is a prop from their 1998 music video for "All Around the World," which Liam apparently just had sitting around his house?

And then, within hours, there was fanart:

4. Some context: There's a call/response routine that regularly features on Liam's twitter where someone tweets an old photo of him with the text "Fit" and he replies "as fuck." (Fit = hot.) This happens 2-3 times a week.

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