May 9th, 2020

Anya final stand, S7

MCU recs 20

Is it still Thursday? Oh, well. A little belatedly, here are some MCU recs.

ART: Winter Soldier painting series, here, here, here, here, and here, by [ profile] chantal_art. SFW, gorgeous. Love the lighting and the details. (The other two in the series were of Bucky as himself, which was why I didn't include them.)

Birbs by [ profile] daroos
Sam & Bucky, 9k. Sam can talk to birds, and the birds are telling him there's a weird dirty long-haired guy hiding in Sam's auntie's shed. This post-TWS fic is just fun, with a great thread of humor running through it.

Apitic Gray and Stoner Blue by [ profile] Sholio
Peter Quill & his grandfather, 3k. Post-Endgame, Peter finally goes to visit his grandfather (and then somehow Nebula's there, too). This is just a really lovely fic about grieving while painting a barn and also features Nebula in overalls and a straw hat, which means you absolutely can't miss it.

Protection Racket by [ profile] chase_acow
Sam/Bucky, background Steve/Bucky, 4k. Bucky decides the way he needs to repay Sam and Steve for their protection is with his body. It's such a tough situation for everyone, Bucky with his perspective so warped by HYDRA, Sam and Steve trying to do their best for him (at great cost to themselves!) and trying to weigh whether that also means sleeping with Bucky on a transactional basis, to make him feel better. I liked how that central conflict didn't really resolve and yet things didn't feel static, either. Very interesting psychology in this one.

Karma by [ profile] LearnedFoot
Tony Stark & Dum-E, 2k. Tony is a ghost, or something like it, and he's stuck in Dum-E. Cracky yet poignant.

Nostalgic by [ profile] thedevilchicken
Valkyrie/Hela, 1k. Val thinks back on the time Hela had Valkyrie eat her out on the throne of Asgard. This is short but packs a hell of a punch, with a great last line.

Drabbles by [ profile] DoreyG
Too many pairings to list, 1.7k. Seventeen separate drabbles with seventeen different pairings, with a full range of categories (m/m, f/f, etc) and pairing dynamics, from all over the MCU. I think the Scott Lang/Jimmy Woo drabble might be my favorite, but it's a close call. A delicious drabble sampler.

here in the body truth grows palpable by [ profile] seinmit
Steve/Bucky, 8k. Steve's pregnant, and they're in Wakanda, just trying to figure out how to make a life together. A really lovely and emotionally rich series of moments.

Relics by [ profile] Unforgotten
Heimdall/Valkyrie, 2k. Heimdall, the last of old Asgard's omegas, goes into heat; fortunately Asgard's last alpha is around to help. I love this sense of age that they both have, that they remember an Asgard before the golden Asgard that burned, with different customs (and biology), and I love Valkyrie's pragmatic kindness. Crossposted from Dreamwidth. Comments welcome over there. (comment count unavailable DW replies)