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SPN: 5.09 The Real Ghostbusters and 5.10 Abandon All Hope

The Real Ghostbusters
This? This was silly cracky fanservice from start to finish, and I loved every minute of it.

* The re-enactment of some of Sam and Dean's most painful scenes, right in front of them! (And I'm highly amused that we included the originals of those scenes in the 'previously on' clips. That asylum scene was a long time ago, yanno?)

* Bungees!

* Dean, freaking out on the fanboys about using his life for entertainment!

* Fanboys, telling Dean his life is pretty neat, actually!

* Fanboys, telling Dean that they're going to help save people because that's what Sam and Dean would do! AWWWW.

* The main fanboys were pretty fab in general. I kind of liked them a lot.

* Becky, breaking up with Sam: mildly amusing. Sam, swearing to go on somehow: PRICELESS.

Two quibbles. First, I am highly skeptical of the demographics of this convention. Becky, whom we know is in fandom, is helping run the con, and yet the guy/girl ratio is something like 20/1. Seriously? And here I thought this show had a pretty good grasp of what fandom looks like, and not just the pasty, girl-phobic basement-dweller cliche.

Second, I don't believe for a minute that a ghost couldn't tell the difference between a human being in make-up and another ghost.



Abandon All Hope

Actually, I'd be much angrier over Jo and Ellen's deaths if I hadn't already been spoiled for them since before I started watching the show. I remember reading penny_lane_42's post after this ep, which was basically a wordless cry of rage. Which is exactly what this ep deserves.

It's a perfectly serviceable ep in other ways. I just keep loving Mark Pellegrino more as Lucifer; the Ellen-Jo-Cas bonding is priceless (and how bad do I want FITB fic about those three? SO BAD); Jo faking Dean out after his last night on Earth speech was excellent (and aw, look at him being all uncertain and stuff! honest, if I were ever going to ship them, I'd ship them based on this ep); even the staging of and acting in the actual pre-death scenes were quite good; Cas was generally wonderful.

And CROWLEY. Y'all, I'd heard vaguely of Crowley (why hello there, oh-so-subtle Gaiman/Pratchett homage) and I knew Mark Sheppard showed up sometime, but somehow I never guessed they were one and the same. So perfect! No wonder everyone loves Crowley. There will be more Crowley, yes? Yes? (Please don't actually answer this question.) (Also, it occurs to me that Crowley and Gabriel would get on marvelously well.)

And yet. And yet JO. And ELLEN.

Roommate commented, and I agree, that it'd have been so much better to lose Bobby than Ellen and Jo. I've nothing against Bobby except that we seem to be done telling his story, aside from the wheelchair thing. We've seen a lot of him; there don't seem many other places to go. Whereas there was SO MUCH we could have done with the Harvelles. How much would I have loved to see them help the boys out on a really regular basis? Tease them and yell at them and have deep sit-down talks with them? I cannot even tell you how much I would have loved that.

So yeah. Perfectly fine ep, lots of good stuff in it, but yanno? Right now I really hate my show.

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