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The BtVS/Ats Crackficathon!

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It seems to me we're due for some silliness in these our beloved BtVS/Ats fandoms. Crackfic to the rescue! Fanlore defines crack as "fiction with a fundamentally ludicrous premise, or otherwise including a plethora of unbelievable, incredible, or just plain silly elements - that is, implying the author/artist must have been on drugs to produce something so insane."

So what cracky thing have you been pining for? Wingfic? Genderswap? Or maybe it's time someone wrote the fic where it really is bunnies! Whatever your crack of choice, here's the chance to read and write glorious crack for the gloriously cracky shows we love.

* Prompt fills can be one sentence, three sentences, a drabble, a ficlet, or any other length you feel moved to write.

* If your fill is too long for one comment, you're welcome to post it to your own journal and just post a link here.

* Crack often tends towards the fluffy, light-hearted side of things, but it totally doesn't have to. You want to angst that bodyswap prompt 'til it can't angst no more? Be our guest! Giggles and grief are both welcome here.

* I've turned comment notifications off on this entry, so if you have questions, feel free to reply to the question thread below.

* ETA: I've been calling this the crackficathon because I personally am ficcishly as opposed to graphically inclined, but some of these prompts are just begging for art. So if you're feeling the urge to fill a prompt with art instead of fic? I'm pretty sure NO ONE WILL MIND.

* Prompt format: [characters] - [type of crack requested] - [OPTIONAL - additional prompt (word, phrase, song lyric, etc)]

* In the title line of your fic reply, indicate [title, characters, type of crack, rating]

The masterlist of completed works is here.

Below the cut is a quick-and-dirty list (partially culled from the list of fic cliches over at the DW fanbingo comm) to help get you thinking in the right direction. Really, though, if you think something is cracky? We probably ain't going to disagree with you. Go wild!

Genderswap Bodyswap / Bodyshare Age Regression Fusion with Another Fandom Cracky Crossovers Crack Pairings
Physical / Animal Transformation Time Loops Time Travel Mpreg Wingfic Mary Sue / Marty Stu
Author Self-Insertion Tentacles Sex Pollen / Aliens Made Us Do It / etc Truth Serum / Spells Androids and Robots Slavefic
Inanimate Object AU Historical AU Sci-fi / Space AU Animal AU Doppelgangers / Clones

Both banners by the fabulous blueteainfusion. Thanks so much, hon!
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Aug. 4th, 2011 04:57 am (UTC)
Because it's always about the bunnies...
Going with the whole 'all the slayers are living in a castle in Scotland after Chosen' thing.

“They’re nought but vermin.” Duncan glares out the window at the countless fuzzy grey and brown blobs defiling the castle’s immaculate lawn. “Ought to be destroyed.”

Xander has no reply; all of his energy is focused on the Slayers and the mysterious sickness leeching them of their powers.

“Leave ‘em alone. The girls think they’re cute.”


The first time it happens Xander puts it down to stress.

The hot water’s running while he shaves three days’ worth of growth from his face. He cleans his razor under the flow and taps it against the side of the sink. When he looks up, he realises his left hand is working of its own accord, tracing patterns in the fogged up mirror. He pulls his hand back with a yelp and stares at the half formed words across the surface.

“Floppy, hoppy bu...”


The next time it happens he’s not alone; he’s in the music room trying to convince Fiona to rest. He walks over to the piano and all of a sudden he’s quite the accomplished musician. His fingers fly across the keys and Fiona finally sits down, singing along softly as he plays.

“Bright eyes, burning like fire. Bright eyes, how can you close and fail.”

When he finishes playing, Fiona’s asleep. He pulls her into his arms and takes her to join the rest of the Slayer’s in the sick wing.

Willow and Dawn are heavy lidded over the books, and Giles just shakes his head. “We’ve nothing yet.”

He doesn’t tell them about the Garfunkel channelling. There are more important things to be dealt with here.


Xander’s now the strongest in the castle. They call him when Andrew gets stuck in the library, books flying angrily around his head. The books stop when Xander steps into the room, one volume dropping right at his feet, but Andrew’s been knocked out in the whirlwind and he’s too busy rushing to his side to pay any attention to the works of Beatrix Potter.


Willow thinks he has a spirit haunting him. She says it’s not really malevolent, even though Andrew was out for half a day, and apparently it feels “almost kinda familiar.” The conversation’s cut short when the television in the corner of the room springs suddenly to life.

“Meh, what’s up doc?”

Willow turns the television off.

“Meh, what’s up doc?”

Xander unplugs it from the wall.

“Meh, what’s up doc?”

Willow shrugs. “Really not malevolent. Just… maybe a little annoying at times?”

and because I went over comment limit, the rest is here: http://anviloverheaven.livejournal.com/3725.html

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