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BtVS/Ats Crackficathon Masterlist

The ficathon is there, and the masterlist is here! Organized by, ah, no algorithm in particular.

Relative Dimensions in Space by laeria - Doctor Who crossover. The Doctor accidentally loses his key to the TARDIS and it turns out that Dawn is the only Key that can open it again -

Leslie and Joan on Buffy/Spike vs Buffy/Angel by gabrielleabelle - Crossover with Parks and Recreation - Leslie decides that since the last penguin marriage was a rousing success (er...didn't turn out too bad) to do it again. Only this time the penguins are Buffy and Spike, and of course things get out of hand.

By Wise Council Shall You Make Your War by beer_good_foamy - Blackadder crossover - Bob the Vampire Slayer

European Tour by brutti_ma_buoni - Giles, Faith - With most of the tweedy old watchers dead and active Slayers all around the globe needing standardised recommendations, the new organisation decides to switch to Metric. Chaos ensues.

The Crime by blueteainfusion - Instead of giving Buffy a sister, the monks make the Key into a cat named Fluffy.

Badgered and Badgered by brutti_ma_buoni - Buffy, Anya, Willow, Giles, Spike - Characters of your choice putting on the Sorting Hat.

Fifth Verse Saved as the First by gabrielleabelle - Buffy, Spike - time loops - 'every night I save you'

Creative Control, Day Seven, Day Ten, and Day Fifteen by anviloverheaven - Buffy and Scoobies - In an attempt to get some money in S6, Buffy signs a contract with a TV network to turn her life into a reality show.

Like Chihuahuas by smells_corrupt - Crossover with Veronica Mars - Veronica and Buffy end up investigating the same "case" and have to team up to save the world while their snarky boyfriends (Logan and Spike, obvs) commiserate about life with tiny blonde heroes who think they have to save everyone.

Hoppy Floppy Bunnies by anviloverheaven - Xander does indeed discover that it's the bunnies.

untitled by anviloverheaven - Angel comes back from hell as puppet Angel.

untitled by griphynne916 - Androids/Robots: There's a Harmony!bot loose on the mean streets of wherever it is.

Battle's End by rebcake - Nikki fights Spike to a standstill — and a deal is struck.

Who Art Heaven-Adjacent by brutti_ma_buoni - Andrew becomes as god.

Learn to Fly by brutti_ma_buoni - Faith/Giles, Dawn - wingfic - A vampire in Pylea turns all spiky; it turns out a Slayer in Pylea gets bonus wings. Which makes Faith some freaky kind of angel, right?

Hufflepuff!Spike art by bobthemole

There's Something You Need to Know... About Prairie Dawn by anviloverheaven - Sesame Street AU

untitled by eilowyn - Dammit, give me some completely over-the-top Spike/Andrew. Penguin-style. With a motorcycle.

Toys My Parents Gave Me by griphynne916 - AtS/Toy Story Cross over. Puppet Angel meets a character from the Toy Story world... during an apocalypse... started by Woody.

Toys Have Apocalypses Too You Know by anviloverheaven - The Adventures of Mr. Gordo and Feigenbaum

The Cheese Man Cometh by snickfic - To prevent the apocalypse, one of the Scoobies must become the Cheese Man's replacement.

The Shady Side of the Hill by brutti_ma_buoni - Illyria/Wesley, mpreg, Smurf babies

The Sound of Her by ladyofthelog - Faith, wingfic.

Ms. Summers Goes to Washington, by beer_good_foamy - Crossover with The West Wing - Buffy shows up for Total Crackpot Day Big Block of Cheese Day to alert the President of the existence of vampires.
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