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Knottingverse Masterpost

'Verse: The Knottingverse
Fandom: SPN RPF
Characters: ensemble, so far including Genevieve Cortese, Danneel Harris, Julie McNiven, Adrianne Palicki. Eventually to include Gen/Jared Padalecki, Danneel/Jensen Ackles.
Rating / Words: R / 28k so far
Setting: alpha/beta/omega college AU
Summary: Danneel's an omega who can't deal with alphas, and Gen's an alpha who just wants an omega boy to call her own. Somehow, they're besties.

All parts available for download here.
My SPN RPF actor/character cheat sheet is here

Thermodynamics and the Modern Male - Jared, Jensen, Matt Cohen, Katie Cassidy - 23k words - R
Warnings: references to knotting and mpreg, masturbation, sex talk ranging from clinical to juvenile, crude and insensitive language, sexual harassment, bullying, extended discussion of intersex genitalia
When Jared goes into heat for the first time, his comfortable high school slacker existence comes to an abrupt halt. Now he’s an omega, which means alphas smell like heaven (exhibit A: Matt Cohen), terrifying senior Katie Cassidy is saving his damsel ass, and the beta girl he’s been crushing on for months suddenly looks more like a sister. Meanwhile Jensen, beta and best friend extraordinaire, is maybe not dealing well with never having been told that Jared was omega.
DW | LJ | AO3

I Thought You'd Be Taller - Danneel, Gen – 3000 words – PG-13
Warnings: references to knotting and prior sexual abuse
Danneel is so done with being the traumatized survivor. She's ready to learn things and make friends and be, you know, normal. Yeah, right.
DW | LJ | AO3

Friends, Benefits - Gen/Danneel – 1400 words - R
Warnings: unlikely anatomy, knotting
Gen offers to help Danneel through her next heat, and Danneel accepts. Results: mixed.
DW | LJ | AO3

Pretend We Can't Tell the Difference - Gen, Julie - 700 words - PG-13
Gen figured no one would notice she was an alpha on a mixed beta/omega overnight trip. Someone does. Crap.
DW | LJ | AO3

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